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Bringing Your Brand to Life

June 2, 2014


What-great-brands-do_80x125Brands like Zappos®, Amazon® and Apple® are household names. As such, they enjoy the kind of exposure, respect, and recognition that other brands only dream about.

So, what do these companies do to stand out from the crowd?

According to Denise Lee Yohn, author of “What Great Brands Do,” the world’s biggest brands consistently implement seven key principles to turn their companies into household names. These brands are an integral part of the corporate culture, and they drive every decision in the company.

One of the author’s seven principles highlights how a great brand can sell more than just products and services – it can also sell an experience. This audio clip, from our Book Insight into “What Great Brands Do”, explains how Nike® used this strategy with great success in its “Just Do It” ad campaign.


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“What Great Brands Do” is full of tools and principles you can start using right away to build and strengthen your brand’s identity. If you’d like to learn how to follow in the footsteps of the world’s most recognized companies, check out this Book Insight.

Question: What do you do to strengthen your brand’s identity? Join the discussion below!

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