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What Does Your Manner Say About You?

April 14, 2014


Nick Morgan
Nick Morgan

You’re probably aware that crossing your arms makes you look defensive, and that slouching can make you appear lacking in confidence.

But what about the more subtle signals you give out that are just as powerful, if less obvious.

In our Expert Interview, communications consultant Nick Morgan explains how tone of voice affects a leader’s power to influence.

Gesture, too, is very important. In this clip, Nick explains how we can use recent research to turn our gestures to our advantage.

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In the full Expert Interview (premium members only), Nick also explains how an improved awareness of your unconscious gestures and signals can make you a more effective communicator.

Question: How much do you think about your gestures, facial expressions or tone of voice? Have you ever tried to analyze how you come across to people? How did you go about it, and what did you find out? Join the discussion below!

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