How Small Changes can Lead to Big Improvements

How Small Changes can Lead to Big Improvements

May 5, 2014

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Andy Core
Andy Core

Are you a thriver, a striver or a struggler? Performance coach Andy Core divides people into these three types, and in his work, he focuses on turning strivers into thrivers.

In our Expert Interview podcast (premium members only), he tells me about his new book: “Change Your Day, Not Your Life,” and he outlines some of the little things we can do every day to turn our striving into thriving.

For instance, he believes that we gain energy from building positive patterns into our daily life, particularly first thing in the morning. What you choose to do when you wake up colors your whole day, as he explains in this clip:

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Check out the full interview (premium members only) to hear how Core’s mom transformed herself from a sedentary smoker to a super-fit marathon runner by making one small daily change.

Question: Have you ever changed something big by doing something small?

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