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December 4, 2015

To Get Ahead, Do Nothing!

While you're reading this, what else are you thinking of? If you're focused on these words to the exclusion of all else, then bravo! You have achieved what many of us struggle to do: keep our minds focused on the task at hand. However, if you regularly find that your focus drifts during tasks or […]


February 20, 2015

Sweet Dreams

I used to be a terrible sleeper. And, if I'm not careful, I could become one again. When I was a student, I had poor sleeping habits. If I didn't have a lecture, I would stay in bed for as long as possible during the day. Even though I felt guilty, I just couldn't help […]

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November 11, 2014

Creative Logic

Are you a science fiction fan? I love a futuristic tale as much as the next person, but some of my favourite dystopian sci-fi movies are starting to feel a little too realistic these days. The problem is that people are inherently inefficient. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, man has been using technology to make […]


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