Better Skills for Your Workforce

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Better Skills for Your Workforce

More than 25,000,000 people each year use Mind Tools to develop their business and management skills. Use it to give your people the practical, easy-to-use, online training they need to thrive in your organization.

Mind Tools in Your Organization

Mind Tools is flexible, cost effective and easy to implement; and, with our configuration support, you can have it up and running in your organization within weeks. Here's how it works:

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    Access 1,600+ Expert Training Resources

    Learners access a training toolkit with more than 1,600 resources developed by subject matter experts and leading business thinkers. Unlike traditional e-learning, the Mind Tools Club is constantly updated with the latest practical tips. It's vibrant, rich, engaging, and always expanding. Request a Demo to explore these resources further.

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    Flexible Learning

    Mind Tools is based around 12 core learning areas – from leadership and management, to productivity skills and communication. Learners can choose for themselves from articles, bite-sized lessons, podcasts, interviews and reviews. Our resources are easily accessible in PC, tablet and mobile formats. Request a Demo to find out more!

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    Fast, Seamless Integration

    Choose between subscription-based access or integrate content directly with your Learning Management System. Our team will set up the entire system, including access controls. An optional engagement plan helps you ensure that your people get the very best from Mind Tools.

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    From New Recruits to Senior Managers

    Mind Tools works for all levels, from new recruits right through to experienced managers. Skills range from basic business techniques to advanced leadership skills. By taking learning out of the classroom and putting it into the hands of individuals, you can help your people develop the specific skills they need.

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    Customize Your Training

    Customize pages to reflect your corporate needs and identity. Map key Mind Tools resources to your internal competency framework, so that you can guide your people along the right learning paths.

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    Get Monthly Reports and Updates

    See how your people use Mind Tools with our activity reports. Use that information to better target your training communications and to guide your people to focus on the content they need. This also helps you to improve user engagement and maximize your return on investment.

What Our Customers Say

Warwick County Council

"I think one big difference using Mind Tools has helped our organisation achieve is to widen people’s views of what learning and development is and how to develop their skills and knowledge."

Amy Fiddy : Learning and Organisational Development Consultant at Warwickshire County Council