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AI Conversations Mind Tools for Business

Practicing difficult conversations using AI

A ground-breaking way for managers to develop communication and leadership skills.
Difficult conversations are... difficult
Most managers dread those difficult workplace conversations. They are one of the most challenging yet important parts of being a people manager.

They know if they don’t go well, they can have several serious ramifications for your team or organization, legal or performance implications for example.
AI Conversations helps you practice difficult conversations
How does AI Conversations work?
Learners are placed in real world scenarios with a team member generated by Artificial Intelligence. This gives an opportunity to discuss the issues with a convincing presence that offers detailed conversational responses, consistent with character traits and they also get detailed feedback to report what went well and areas for improvement.
AI Conversations interface

See AI Conversations in action

Learning from realistic AI responses

AI Conversations Mind Tools for Business
Easy deployment
Upload scenarios to any learning platform.
Realistic responses
Text and voice options, with limitless responses.
Personalized feedback
Users get scores and detailed feedback based on their responses.
Help managers develop their skills in a safe space with AI Conversations
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Are you ready to discover this incredible new AI tool that will help you address the soft skills crisis? Support managers in the most engaging way, replicating real-life, wherever they are.

The Managing Performance Collection
This collection of practical scenarios is designed to offer managers a safe and supportive environment to practice communicating with their team and to sharpen their leadership skills.

Scenarios include:

  • Managing Resistance to Hybrid Work Requirements

  • Managing A Disengaged Member of Your Virtual Team

  • Goal Setting with the GROW Coaching Model

  • Getting A Project Back on Schedule

  • Delegating Customer Service Tasks

  • Managing Poor Performance

  • Scenarios available with AI Conversations

    “Great tool! It’s so hard to practice these kind of techniques, as you need real life environments and scenarios, this ticked those boxes! ‘The future of learning’!”

    Voice of the learner

    “In terms of using AI in a way that has real-world application, this is massive. It’s beyond anything else I’ve seen.”

    Voice of the industry
    How do I deploy AI conversations to managers?
    AI Conversations can be easily integrated with any LXP / LMS.
    How realistic and accurate are the answers?
    Mind Tools’ subject matter expertise allows us to test these scenarios to increase the likelihood of a clear and accurate response from the AI character.
    Is it safe and secure?
    Our partners at Learning Pool have an agreement with OpenAI that any inputs from users will not be used to train the model. The agreement with OpenAI includes strict usage policies that prohibits speech that invokes hate, harassment, or threats.

    AI Conversations is a Learning Pool and Mind Tools collaboration. Together we are pushing the boundaries of learning at scale.

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    • Empowering managers to practice difficult conversations
    • Safe and supportive environment
    • Engaging and fun to use.

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