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How to engage your deskless workers in learning

Beyond the Desk gives you lots of ideas and best practice examples of how L&D professionals can support their frontline managers and teams.
No desk? No problem. How to make sure your frontline teams aren’t forgotten.

In Beyond the Desk we share strategies and tips from L&D practitioners in public sector and healthcare settings and insights from our own research.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • Gain insights into the specific challenges faced by frontline managers and teams
  • Understand the current landscape of learning and development in the public sector, including key statistics and findings from our industry research
  • Learn from real-world case studies showcasing successful implementation of digital learning
  • Discover how supporting self-directed learning can empower individuals to take ownership of their own development journey, even amidst the demands of frontline roles.
  • You can read how we use personal data in our privacy notice.
    Delivering effective learning to frontline managers and teams is a challenge facing many L&D managers across the public sector. Different shift patterns, multiple locations and diverse roles – not to mention budget constraints – often means learning and development slides down the priority list. As a CCS approved service provider of learning solutions, we understand your challenges.
    Mind Tools is a Crown Commercial Services Supplier
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    Mind Tools for Business is already an established CCS-approved provider of learning solutions on G Cloud – the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace.

    Talk to our Learning and Development experts to find out how Mind Tools can support your frontline managers and teams. They’ll be happy to discuss your learning goals and challenges and help you find the solution to fit you and your learners.