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Multilingual e-learning courses promote compliance at Suntory Group

Beautiful graphics and practical examples help Suntory team members do the right thing, every time.
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The Challenge

The day-to-day decisions made by Suntory team members have a huge impact on the lives of customers, colleagues and partners.

Failure to keep data secure can expose those stakeholders to manipulation. Failure to spot signs of modern slavery allows the practice to continue. Failure to comply with competition rules means customers and partners get treated unfairly.

Suntory wanted to help their colleagues do the right thing, every time, but were faced with:

  • a 3,800-strong workforce spread across Europe
  • four major languages spoken (English, French, Spanish and Polish)
  • varying national laws and obligations
  • a need to bring these topics to life with practical examples.

The Solution

Learning Experience Manager Gemma Towersey and her team worked with Suntory to develop five highly interactive e-learning modules, in English, French, Spanish and Polish.

These modules were:

  • An introduction to GDPR
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Competition law
  • Cyber security
  • Modern slavery

To keep content clear and concise, Gemma worked with the Suntory team to define business outcomes, then identified the actions that team members need to take to meet those outcomes.

Rich scenarios were scripted to bring complex legislation to life and help colleagues apply their learning to their context.

And our graphic designers developed a visual identity for the courses that let Suntory colleagues know they had been designed just for them.

Finally, Gemma and the team collaborated with Suntory on translation, to make sure that colleagues could learn in their native language.

[Mind Tools] have been doing excellent work in the follow-up of the e-learning projects that they have been involved in, always having in mind the reality behind training employees in a multicultural environment.

The Results

The five e-learning courses have helped Suntory meet their regulatory requirements for four years, while helping colleagues make decisions that protect the business and its customers.

Every year since their initial launch, Suntory have also worked with Mind Tools to update legal content, improve functionality and create relevant up-to-date examples.

Gareth Thompson, Data Protection Specialist, says:

“Gemma made a real effort to understand our training needs and worked with us to pitch the content at the right level. That has been crucial to maintaining consistently high employee engagement over the past few years and has increased our compliance awareness across the business.”