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Modernizing the learning approach at one of Australia’s largest health providers

Introducing modern learning resources to enhance the learner experience.
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The Challenge

St John of God Health Care is one of Australia’s leading health care providers. The organization wanted to adjust its L&D environment – giving caregivers more opportunities to learn and build on their skillsets.

Before Mind Tools, St John of God Health Care ran face-to-face learning. But because caregivers work different hours, it was tough to organize learning around shift patterns. What’s more, the workforce is spread across Australia, with many caregivers based in remote locations.

Caregivers wanted to learn, but it was proving a challenge with the traditional model.

St John of God Care needed to:

  • Update the learning model to fit better with employee shift patterns
  • Understand how to implement these changes successfully
  • Increase user engagement and make learning resources more accessible and in tune with the needs of the learners

​Deborah, St John of God Health Care, says:

"We are really passionate about our people and want to provide our caregivers with the right tools at the right time."

The Solution

We helped St John of God Health Care address the issue of shift patterns with easy-to-access, just-in-time learning.

Now, learners can access online resources at any time. Our digital toolkit boasts articles, videos, infographics, audio interviews and more.

The toolkit increased user engagement by letting people easily set and hit learning objectives. We also supported the organization with their internal marketing. Relevant and timely messages nudged caregivers to visit the toolkit.

​Deborah, St John of God Health Care, says:

"Caregivers become more comfortable with using computers and technology within our organization, encouraging people to learn more skills, which is important in such a large workforce."

Why it works

Today, caregivers can develop themselves while they work. Some even gain further qualifications in their field.

Together, we’re:

  • Creating a modern resource that’s accessible and engaging for learners
  • Helping unlock the potential of learners through relevant resources
  • Understanding the need for caregivers to learn around their shifts
  • Shifting the cultural mindset from ‘push’ to ‘pull’ learning
Our people need mentors and coaches, not managers. On-demand learning gives them what they need, when they need it. It manages to take face-to-face programs completely online and delivers to our caregivers much more quickly.

The Results

Our toolkit is a self-directed, innovative and exciting way for caregivers to learn new skills and knowledge. Expert-led content works alongside the organization’s onboarding, objective mapping and management training.

St John of God Health Care has already seen return on investment. An internal survey revealed learner engagement has soared. And reporting reveals the toolkit enjoyed 30,382 page views in 11 months.

Finally, because employees can access resources online, the toolkit saves the organization money year on year.

​Deborah, St John of God Health Care, says:

“We have the access for all the caregivers within the organization; it’s really cost-effective.”