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Generating a positive learning experience at Scottish Power

Powering self-development with a fresh take on 70:20:10.
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The Challenge

A leading supplier of gas and electricity, Scottish Power wanted to transform how its people learn.

What’s more, the organization wanted employees to drive their own development. So, the 70:20:10 approach made most sense. That’s when 70% of knowledge comes from on-the-job experience, 20% from collaborating with each other and 10% from formal education.

By embedding 70:20:10, Scottish Power could kick-start a learning culture powered by self-development.

To do it, the organization focused on:

  • Improving employees’ perceptions of L&D – no longer limiting learning to formal training such as courses, classes and workshops
  • Providing accessible and relevant content aligned with Scottish Power competencies
  • Sparking excitement with learning on new technology across different platforms

The Solution

We worked closely with Scottish Power to create a customized version of the toolkit, ‘Your Development Toolkit’, with videos, audio interviews, self-assessments and more.

Together, we launched the toolkit to around one hundred staff. This increased awareness of the new program and helped build engagement. Following the pilot, we tapped into Scottish Power events and let a larger group of 1,500 managers and leaders get hands-on with the toolkit.

That way, they could see first-hand how it helps manage performance, address conflict and drive their own development.

Today, the toolkit is available to all employees at Scottish Power. Some 6,500 learners can easily access engaging and bite-sized e-learning in their own time.

Why it works

This partnership model helped Scottish Power transform how people view L&D in the workplace.

Together, we:

Created accessible and engaging learning materials for learners and managers

Sparked enjoyment with a modern mix of content – available on any mobile platform

Made it quick and easy to identify competencies and match learning needs with modules

As a learning tool, the toolkit allows employees to drive their own learning, providing instant ‘performance support’ whenever employees have a specific development need.

The Results

Since launching the toolkit, Scottish Power has experienced a surge in user engagement.

We worked with Scottish Power to map the toolkit against its core leadership strengths and competencies. Now, employees can quickly and easily identify the resources they need.

Today, a flexible, diverse and catered tool puts people in charge of their learning and development. From in-depth articles to snappy how-to guides, case studies to animations, the toolkit is ready to meet the needs of the learners – wherever, whenever.