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Using technology to automate learning at LV=

Creating and embedding a self-driven development culture to meet changing employee needs.
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The Challenge

LV= is a mutual protection, savings and retirement provider, serving 1.28 million customers.

Back in 2018, the L&D team was aware that employees’ needs around how, when and where they wanted to learn were changing. Demand for traditional face-to-face training was falling, with employees preferring to learn on-the-job with on-demand content, mirroring the way they consumed content via the internet at home. To meet this shift, LV= knew it had to find another solution.

As part of its 2018 L&D strategy, LV= set objectives using the 70-20-10 model. This helped to create and embed a self-driven development culture, where employees could access on-demand learning at a time that suited them.

LV= wanted to use technology to help employees access up-to-date curated content, reward returning learners with resources related to their previous interactions, and encourage continuous learning.

The Solution

LV= knew it needed a provider that could give employees easy access to on-demand learning. And support top learning and development needs as well as being able to support future requirements and trends.

Which is where Mind Tools came in. Since implementing the Mind Tools toolkit in 2018, LV= has been able to integrate our content with its existing LMS. This helps give all employees a seamless learning experience.

The live reporting tool allows L&D to track how and what employees are accessing at different times during the year. Its marketing efforts can also be tracked by monitoring increases in traffic after pointing employees to different resources via internal communications.

To set employees up for success, LV= focused on developing a learning culture where people could take personal responsibility for their learning and development. This included:

  • Curating all existing content on its LMS and aligning it to the company values, behaviours and attributes.
  • Working with Mind Tools to tag content to each of its values, creating custom pages where employees could view content based on these.
  • Integrating Mind Tools with its LMS using single sign on protocols so that users could access everything they needed through one system.
  • Tracking data on employees learning habits to help drive future solutions.

Mind Tools stood out as it gave us the ability to offer our employees access to over 2,000 high-quality resources in several different learning formats. This was important to us as it supported our need for a blended approach that was inclusive of all learning styles.

The Results

Since the launch of Mind Tools in 2018, LV= has seen great engagement with on-demand content.
  • Over 30% of LV= employees regularly access content from Mind Tools
  • LV= employees viewed over 3,000 Mind Tools resources in 2019
  • Interaction with on-demand training content has increased by 28% since 2017

By curating content based on its company values, LV= employees can now take control of their own development, while accessing high quality, useful and relevant resources.