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Bespoke e-learning for the International Baccalaureate

Bringing complex subjects to life for a global audience.
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Custom Learning

The Challenge

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a leading global education system for young people. It works closely with tens of thousands of educators in over 4,000 schools worldwide.

IB wanted to help teachers deliver its unique educational philosophy. And create a hub where they could draw on the experiences of peers.

To do it, we had to overcome the logistics of talking to subject matter experts across the globe.

The solution had to:

  • Make complex topics engaging for an international audience
  • Support teachers new to IB’s philosophy and teaching approach
  • Appeal to experienced teachers who want to dive deeper into IB’s methodology

The Solution

To come up with a custom-fit for IB, we began with a scope.

It’s something we do for every new client. During this research stage, we worked with over 40 subject matter experts worldwide. That way, we got to grips with topics and learned about IB’s culture, philosophy and terminology.

Only then could we turn to our team of project managers, instructional designers, illustrators and film-makers. Together, they delivered 20 e-learning modules. Each 60-minute module brings a mix of animation, video and interactive elements. So, every resource is engaging, inspiring and uniquely IB.

Why it works

E-learning resources support and improve how educators teach.

Each module:

  • Turns potentially dry subjects into quirky resources still on brand with IB
  • Is accessible for every educator – anytime – regardless of their location or technology
  • Matches the needs of the educators and fits IB’s philosophy
The team consistently produces creative solutions, which have added real value to our e-learning resources. They never offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. But provide different learning formats and media, which are bespoke and inspiring.

The Results

After a successful pilot, we launched the full e-learning suite across IB’s global teaching network. Today, tens of thousands of educators around the world read, watch and tap into them.

These e-learning resources improve how IB supports its educators. Teachers are a tough audience. But they comment on how much they enjoy the mix of learning activities, which bring complex subject matter to life.

We created a trusted set of resources that IB teachers can return to time and time again.

As Matt James says:

“Having worked with the team for a number of years now, I am always impressed with their openness and their understanding of what we want to achieve. When changes in organizational priorities mean that a brief alters during a project, they are always flexible and understanding. The team are very much seen as an extension of our team here at the International Baccalaureate.”