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On-demand learning for self-development at Home Group

Discover how Mind Tools helped Home Group to provide a self-serve learning approach across their organization.
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The Challenge

Home Group started using Mind Tools 4 years ago across their organization.

As an organization with over 3,000 team members based across the United Kingdom, Home Group felt it was best to adopt a self-serve approach to learning. They felt that the learning provided by Mind Tools would help them to provide self-development for their colleagues.

Watch the Home Group team share their experiences with the Mind Tools toolkit

Video duration: 8 minutes 43 seconds

The Solution

Home Group have found that the Mind Tools toolkit helps to inspire and motivate their learners.

Home Group's Head of Customer Engagement and Operations Manager share with us ways in which Mind Tools is being used in their day to day, including in performance management and team meetings for areas that are beneficial for everyone to learn together. With Mind Tools, managers have a guide available that helps promote learning in the organization, and individuals are empowered to prioritize their own development.

One of the huge advantages of Mind Tools is the ability, as an administrator, to curate playlists. Those playlists make it so much easier for managers and colleagues to access content that's relevant for what they're looking for.

The Results

With the Mind Tools toolkit, team members at Home Group are now able to access whatever support they need, whenever they need it.

Amanda Walters, People Development Business Partner at Home Group, shares some of the feedback she has received from colleagues around the toolkit, how useful the content is and how easy it is to digest. She adds, "I would highly recommend Mind Tools. I think that the toolkit not only fits with who we are as an organization, in terms of the way that the resources are written, also how it is promoted. The future for us with Mind Tools is just looking to get more and more traction within colleagues...continuing to get across that message of how important self-development is and what resources are there for you to take responsibility for your own development."