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Learning to learn

Accelerating and transforming L&D at one of the largest bottlers for the Coca-Cola Company.
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Food & Beverage
Learning Performance Benchmark

The Challenge

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company were unsure how to move the idea from learning being an event that is curated and managed by central teams to it becoming a continuous development exercise; promoted and part of the workplace culture.

Learning should be an ongoing process, customized to both the individual and company to aid learning in the best way possible.

We were able to identify the main challenges for the company in order to overcome them:

  • Shifting the idea of learning to a continuous business activity
  • Establishing a more accessible approach to learning
  • Enhancing progression for high-performing individuals
  • Creating an easy-to-follow structure for the development of L&D
  • Providing insight into development opportunities and gaps in the current system

The Solution

“It’s like a self-diagnostic; once you identify the problem you can start to fix it.” - Robin Lilly, Capabilities and Leadership Development Director, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company.

The Learning Performance Benchmark provided CCHBC with an insight into their business, providing evidence that showed where there was room for improvement. The review identified where successful changes could be made, provided a structure to help create continuous assessment and accelerated the impact of L&D.

 Robin explained:

“The review gave me insights into how we could improve. It re-enforced our views, but provided the evidence on areas we intuitively knew we needed to improve and allowed us to engage in a more structured and systematic way.”

Our Learning Performance Benchmark helps companies to reach their full potential and create successful learners and empowered individuals.

Why it works

The Learning Performance Benchmark is an accessible tool to help learning leaders review progress, help identify gaps and develop successful strategies to implement successful change.

The Learning Performance Benchmark aids the understanding of learning for the workplace and the individual by:

  • Redesigning the approach to L&D within the workplace
  • Providing structured approaches to improve development
  • Implementing tools for continuous assessment and improvement
  • Providing progression opportunities for high-performing individuals
For me it’s like a continuous activity that you should be engaged in. Each time we take the review, the results improve.

The Results

With the Learning Performance Benchmark, we were able to offer insights to help spot gaps and progress the learning and development process for the company.

This proved successful; there was a noticeable shift in the view towards L&D and an increased understanding of continuous development.

New employees are given ‘mentors’ and clear plans of what their targets should be in terms of their development. Coaching relationships are now developed, and close communication with management, customers and teams encourages the process of learning and development.

They also created a training scheme called 'Fast Forward', which helps support individuals to build and develop their skills, furthering the understanding of their role within the company and how they can continue to better their skills.