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The Challenge

With over a million properties across 226 countries, Booking.com is the world’s best-known travel organization. And it’s getting bigger. Employee numbers grow an average 30% every year.

The challenge for Booking.com was to engage new starters and existing managers with a learning and development solution. And just like browsers know when they’re on Booking.com, the organization wanted its employees to feel the same way. So, quality of content, design and usability were key.

The new solution had to complement Booking.com’s existing management development program. And be scalable. So, easy to add new content and features that meet the needs of a growing workforce.

The Solution

We worked in partnership with Booking.com to create the Self Development Content Library, which now forms an essential part of its learning ecosystem.

It’s an online library of 2,000-plus resources available to 14,000 employees. Through this they can access videos, articles, audio content and more in real-time – when they need it most.

That could be a quick fix for a challenge that comes up in their daily work, or resources to plan long-term development. As well as covering popular topics such as time management and coaching, we worked with Booking.com to create a solution tailored for them by aligning content to help future leaders live and breathe the company’s values.

The Content Library directly supports the company’s management development program, through the ‘Management Recipe’, the ‘Management Recipe Check’ and the ‘Managers Portal’. The comprehensive and creative integration of the Content Library into daily work has been crucial to its success.

The look and feel was very Booking, and we liked that. We knew it would instill confidence in our employees that this isn’t just a random or generic website, but rather a carefully curated selection of resources that are approved by Booking.com.

The Results

Since launch in 2014, the Self Development Content Library enjoys great usage year on year. Some 78% of staff use it.

The Content Library grows with the organization. And if a topic or learning need isn’t covered, we work with Booking.com to create the right resource.

Proof points

  • 78% of the workforce have accessed since launch
  • 57% of visits are returning visitors
  • Over 166,000 resources accessed
  • 86% ‘learned something new’
  • 68% have ‘taken action and applied their learning in a practical way’
It’s great to have such a great source of information available at any time of the day. So whenever I come across a question and I’m not sure how to deal with it, or I feel I need some more information to feel confident dealing with that topic, I go to the Self Development Content Library and it gives me exactly the information I need.