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February 20, 2023

7 ways Mind Tools will engage your employees

Mindtools Business

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Your employees want to learn

A big part of that is engagement. Here’s how Mind Tools can help engage your employees.

What engages workers? Is it salary? Perks? Office vibe? You may be surprised to hear that learning consistently comes up as one of the top responses in employee engagement studies.

A Culture Amp survey, for example, found that staff with access to the right L&D are 21 percent more engaged. What’s more, over half of employee retention comes from the belief that companies contribute to their growth and development. [1]

What employees want from learning

People want to learn throughout their careers. But not all L&D is born equal. Here’s what employees want from your learning offering.

1. On-demand resources

A 2018 LinkedIn report found that employees want to learn at their own pace and “at the point of need.” [2] Mind Tools toolkits offer just that. On-demand, digital resources that people can access anywhere, any time. We make them easy to digest so your people can dip in, learn, and move on.

2. In-demand topics

Are your people empowered? A CIPD report found that engaged employees have the skills and confidence to do their job well. [3] Our toolkits, off-the-shelf eLearning modules and custom learning can help your people up- and re-skill.

That includes capabilities like problem-solving plus soft skills such as communication. Our research also reveals people are looking for wellbeing support right now. Here at Mind Tools we make it our mission to respond to these evolving needs.

3. Job-specific content

People also need job and company-specific skills to work smarter. That’s why we have Client Partners with expertise in your industry to work with you to support your employees with their unique development needs. Find out more about the type of industries we work with:

Want to learn more about how we work with organizations? Read our case studies to see how Mind Tools for Business is helping all types of businesses in a wide variety of industries.

4. Always-on resources

Our research reveals that top-performing organizations have “self-determined learners.” They manage their own L&D, but demand it’s ready when they are, in the format they’re looking for.

That’s why we offer on-demand learning resources in a wide-range of formats. Your employees will find audio interviews, articles, videos, animations, quizzes, how-to guides and more.

What’s more, your dedicated Client Partner will work with you to offer marketing support that nudges people to your content. And you can help them feel at home by branding your toolkit  just how you like it. You can even integrate our products with your existing LMS.

5. Content that gets better and better

Resilience. Change management. Creativity. Some topics are classics. But we also study search-term analysis to find out what employees want to learn – now.

You’ll have access to this data, too. Your toolkit dashboard will show you analytics like team stats, login frequency, and total time spent learning. So, you’ll see what your learners really need from you. We also get feedback from user comments, pop-up survey results, and through talking to clients.

Want to dive deeper? Our Learning Performance Benchmark lets you compare your L&D efforts with other organizations – including your peers!

6. Resources they can rely on

No fake news here. Whether you choose one of our toolkits, off-the-shelf eLearning or custom learning, our in-house writers, editors, designers, and developers are always producing engaging and credible content. And every resource goes through our quality control process to ensure it’s accurate and up to scratch.

7. Shareable content

People like to share; it’s in our nature. Research reveals top organizations have “growth mindsets.” Their employees apply what they have learned to their jobs – and share knowledge with their colleagues. [4]

With the Mind Tools toolkits, your people can comment on, like and share – including on Microsoft Teams. They can share playlists, too. These curated pages can hold our content and yours – helping employees develop the skillsets your organization needs most.

Want to see what Mind Tools can do to help engage your people? Explore our learning solutions to find out. 

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