Building Your Self-Confidence Workbook

Building Your Self-Confidence Workbook

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Building Your Self-Confidence Workbook

Find the Confidence and Success You Deserve

Workbook Format:

An easy to follow 14-page workbook in PDF format.

Download in minutes then print or store on your PC to review/study at your convenience.

Workbook Objectives and Goals
Content Overview
James Manktelow
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Workbook Objectives and Goals

Confidence helps you succeed, it has its own magnetism. It attracts success to the person who has it - the more you have, the better you perform. And, of course, the better you perform, the more successes you enjoy and that builds your confidence even further.

Confident people are also attractive, alluring and more likely to be promoted as leaders. Self-confidence provides the ability to influence and inspire others around you and so create motivated teams.

Everyone should have these opportunities. Even if you weren't born confident, or if you have fallen into a negative thinking trap, you can escape by using our strategies to build and strengthen your self-confidence.

This workbook will teach you to believe in yourself and to celebrate who you are. The starting point is to drive the insecurities away and start focusing on what you do really well. The workbook contains four great exercises that will help you uncover the talents within you, and learn how to translate those into an abundant source of confidence that you can dip into whenever you need a boost.

Content Overview

Within this workbook you will practice:

  • Reminding yourself of previous successes
  • Envisioning a successful future for yourself
  • Reframing past misses
  • Setting self-confidence building goals

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