Take Control of Your Time

Take Control of Your Time

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Take Control of Your Time

Achieving the Things You Need To

Toolkit Format:

An easy-to-follow 38-page workbook in interactive PDF format.

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Toolkit Objectives and Goals
Content Overview
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Toolkit Objectives and Goals

Most of us at some point have been frustrated by frequent interruptions, struggled to accomplish important objectives and felt that life is in a constant state of crisis. What's more, some people sabotage themselves with bad habits like procrastination and lack of delegation.

If you can relate to this, then good news is that with effective tools and tactics you can do something about it. The goal of this toolkit is to show you how to maximize the return you achieve on the time you invest. We have combined the best time management tools and techniques that can be used straight away to bring your workload and working habits under control.

Toolkit Overview

The toolkit is organized into five chapters:

  1. Organize for success - There are seemingly unlimited demands on your limited time, but can you distinguish urgent versus important tasks on your To-Do List, and what impact could that have on your workload?.
  2. Delegate - Do you feel guilty or embarrassed to delegate? Discover when to delegate, who to delegate to, and how to do it effectively for both parties.
  3. Scheduling - Now you know what you need to focus on, you can design your days and weeks to give you the best chance of success. Learn how to protect your most valuable resource, to your and your organization's benefit.
  4. Getting It Done - Don't be your own worst enemy! Identify and break your poor time habits and finally bust procrastination.
  5. Your Action Plan - Draw together everything you've learned into an achievable but life-changing plan, and become an expert at managing your workload.

Together, the tools you'll learn here will form a firm foundation for breaking through and getting those key tasks done. Taking control of your time takes effort but the payoffs are huge - in fact, these are some of the most fundamental skills you'll need to be successful and happy at work.

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