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Permission to Reproduce Mind Tools Material

We welcome appropriate reproduction of Mind Tools material, however, you must ask for permission first! (Our material is protected by international copyright law.)

With permission, Mind Tools material has been reproduced in newspapers, blogs, websites, e-zines and magazines worldwide; it is widely used in classrooms and offline training courses; and it provides management and career skills training on the intranets of many well-known corporations.

To use our material for your publication or organization, please fill in the form below with details of your request to use our material for your publication or organization – this gives us the information we need to answer your request quickly. We look forward to hearing from you, and aim to get back to you within five working days.

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Permission to Link to Mind Tools Articles

We are pleased to give you permission to link to the site as long as your site does not violate any law, cause offense to Mind Tools readers or tarnish the Mind Tools brand.

We reserve the right to withdraw this permission if it is, in our opinion, abused. This right will not be unreasonably exercised.

Please print this page off and retain it as your permission to link to Mind Tools.

Citation of Mind Tools Material

We are pleased for you to refer to Mind Tools publicly available material and to use single quotations from these of up to 100 words in length. You may do this without any further permission as long as the following points are observed:

  • Unless otherwise stated, should be credited as the author of the material.
  • Mind Tools copyright should be acknowledged in any quotation, and a link should be provided to the source article. The copyright message should be quoted as it appears at the bottom of the appropriate page.
  • In some cases, articles may use material copyrighted by another party, or may use trade or service marks belonging to another party. Where this is the case, you must seek the permission of the ultimate owner of this intellectual property.
  • Citations should not violate any law, cause offense or tarnish the Mind Tools brand in any way.
  • Mind Tools appears on several servers on the web. References to Mind Tools material should quote the URL of the appropriate item hosted on the site. Mind Tools material is published by Mind Tools Ltd of 3rd Floor, The News Building, London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG, UK.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw permission for the use of Mind Tools material if either this permission or the material is, in our opinion, abused. This right will not be unreasonably exercised.

Please print this page off and retain it as your permission to cite.

Recommended Reference/Bibliography List Format

If you're referencing a Mind Tools resource as part of a bibliography list, we recommending using the Harvard System as follows.

  • (Year). Article/Resource Title. [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: Date].

For example:

  • (2011). Rebuilding Morale. [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: August 12, 2011].