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Managing in a hybrid working world free bundle

Managers Matter Bundle: Managing in a Hybrid World

Our new managers matter bundle provides you with five resources exploring the benefits and drawbacks of hybrid working, tips on how to set up a successful working environment and advice for those managing virtual and hybrid teams.
Why do managers matter?
Your managers play a vital role in the success of your organization, but they also face many challenges, especially in the virtual and hybrid working world.

A manager is responsible for making sure an organization runs smoothly. From keeping an eye on employee burnout, to getting projects over the line – there's a lot on their plate. And as managers, they're not only responsible for the wellbeing of their team members, but for themselves as well.

It's therefore crucial to make sure that they have the right resources to succeed, both personally and professionally. Download our resource bundle for free today to sample some of our resources, and show your managers that they matter.
Support managers in a hybrid working world
Managing in a hybrid working environment workbook
1. Managing in a Hybrid Working Environment
Set your managers up for success with some top tips on managing a hybrid team, and a handy checklist for what their team members need when working from home.
Creating a successful hybrid workplace video
2. Creating a Successful Hybrid Working Environment
Are you implementing hybrid working within your company? In our exclusive new video, we look at eight simple tips on how to set up a successful hybrid working environment.

Top hybrid working challenges infographic
3. Top Ten Challenges of Managing a Virtual Team
Working remotely can be great, but there are a number of factors you have to consider first. Discover the ten most common challenges of managing a virtual team with this handy infographic.
Hybrid working infographic
4. Engaging Learners in the Reimagined Workplace
Are your managers new to hybrid working? Discover some interesting insights on remote and hybrid working arrangements, pulled from our recent Learner Intelligence Report.
Manage a virtual team skillbook
5. How to Manage a Virtual Team Skillbook
How do you keep a virtual team engaged, productive and motivated? In this Skillbook, managers of virtual teams will learn how to communicate effectively, monitor performance, and celebrate success.
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