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Learning priority #1 for 2024?

Leader and manager development

According to Gartner, over 70% of HR leaders say their managers are overwhelmed and not equipped to lead change.

Mind Tools can help you develop your managers.

Are you doing enough to support your managers?
Leader and manager development tops the list of priorities in Gartner’s 2024 HR survey. That makes sense because:

  • Managers have more responsibilities than ever before

  • Organizations rely on managers to deliver their goals

  • Your teams rely on your managers’ expertise and support

  • Managers feel overwhelmed.
  • How can Mind Tools help you develop your managers?
    Communication, teamwork, time management, problem solving, and critical thinking are among the top* in-demand management skills that organizations need right now.
    *Source: Mind Tools L&D Benchmark Report 2023

    Mind Tools offers you:

  • Over 3000 management learning tools and resources
    Our content library delivers on-demand, self-paced and guided management and leadership tools and resources covering all these in-demand skills, in the flow of work and in one device-friendly solution.

  • Customized management development programs

    Our award-winning Custom Learning team can work with you to design management learning and development programs that put your people first and meet your business goals.

  • The support you need to build better managers

    Starting with stress-free onboarding, a dedicated Client Partner will remain at your side to work with you on increasing usage and maximizing impact.
  • Mind Tools Solutions
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