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Learning Performance Benchmark Teams

Learning Performance Benchmark Teams

Benchmark as a team, discover how aligned you are, and identify the areas you need to work on.
What is LPB Teams?
Learning Performance Benchmark (LPB) Teams is our upgraded L&D comparison tool that measures your organization's performance on the global L&D market.

By upgrading to LPB Teams, you can invite your team to participate in the Learning Performance Benchmark, giving you a comprehensive multi-user view of the results.
What is LPB Teams
Why should you upgrade?
According to our 2022 Annual Benchmark Report, top performing L&D teams are four times more likely to be aligned on key strategic goals compared to low performers.

LPB Teams will help you:

  • Introduce your team to new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Discover differences in opinion, both big and small
  • Start evidence-based discussions to help drive change
  • Become more aligned as a team.
  • Why upgrade to LPB Teams
    What's included?
    For a one-off payment of £3,500 per season, you'll get everything the LPB offers, plus:

  • One admin and up to 19 team members under one account
  • Combined average maturity score for the whole team
  • Anonymized individual results
  • Aggregated team results to share with business stakeholders.
  • LPB Teams account

    How does it work?

    1. Create or log in to an existing account
    Once you've registered, you can log in and access Teams by selecting "explore team benefits" or by clicking on the "team" icon on the left.
    2. Add your team
    Once added, each team member will receive an email with a link to set up their own account.
    3. Complete your reviews
    Each team member takes the review individually. Once completed they'll see their personal results.
    4. See your aggregated results
    Close the review and see the anonymized, aggregated results. Your team will have access too.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What happens if a user has already completed their review for that season?
    When a team member with a completed review signs in via their invite link, they're shown a message asking them if they would like to continue using their completed results, or if they would like to start again. Whichever option they choose, their scores will count as part of the team's aggregated results.
    Are the team results anonymous?
    Each team member's individual results are shown in the aggregated results. These results are all anonymous, so neither the team members nor the admin can see whose results are whose.
    How will I be charged?
    There are no setup fees, monthly fees, minimums or hidden charges. It's just a one-off investment of £3,500 per season which resets at the end of each year. Once the season is over, you'll have the option of renewing your team account for the next season. However, this will not be automatically charged.
    What payment methods are accepted?
    The team account is a prepaid online service. Everything is paid for upfront and before use by credit or debit card. If you require an invoice, email lpbenchmark@mindtools.com.

    Unfortunately, we currently don't support PayPal.
    What currency will I be billed in?
    Subscriptions will be billed in GBP, US Dollars, Euro, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars or Indian Rupees depending on your location.
    What payment system do you use? Is it secure?
    The LPB uses Recurly, a secure and well-established credit card payment gateway service.