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These self-study training courses are designed to take just one hour of your time. This makes them ideal for your lunch hour, or for a quiet patch of time somewhere in your day!

The packs are supported by our trainers in the Club forum, so you can ask questions, and get support if you need it.

There are over sessions currently available to Club members. Find out how to join.

Leadership Training

Building Expert Power

Expert Power is one of the most authentic forms of power you can rely on as a leader. Find out why, and what you can do to build your own expert power with this training session.


Understanding Leadership Styles

Learn how to recognize, understand, and apply the three most common leadership styles you'll encounter during the course of your working life.


Building Influence (Scenario Training)

Most of us need to influence others in order to get things done. Find out about how to do this – with or without formal authority, and then practice applying your leaning in three specially-written scenarios.


Team Management Training

Building Virtual Teams

Whether team members are in different countries or even just different buildings, there are some unique challenges associated with building an effective virtual team. Join us to learn how to bring people together to achieve objectives without them ever meeting.


Motivating Your Team

Learn more about motivation and the tools and strategies available to help you increase your team's motivation and enthusiasm for the job.


Team Building

Team building involves much more than a few well-planned exercises that get you out of your comfort zone. Find out about a better way to boost your team’s performance for the long term!


Setting Goals for Members of Your Team

Setting goals for other people is a key part of management and leadership. And there are few extra steps compared with setting goals for yourself. Join me and learn how to apply the SMART principle when setting goals for others.


Building Effective Teams (Scenario Training)

A group is not a team. People can work side by side on a common goal and never achieve the results that a team can. What's the difference? Participate in this scenario training and find out.



If you shy away from delegating tasks to others you’re not alone. Learn how to take the pain out of doing it with this training session.


Empowerment and Delegation
(Scenario Training)

How do you really empower people at work? It's much more than letting them make some decisions on their own. Find out what you should be doing, and how.


Dealing with Conflict

The potential for conflict lurks all around us. Learn how to take control of it, and bring out the positive aspects of conflict while seeking a win-win solution that everyone can support.


Recruiting Skills

Are you confident that you're hiring the right people? Learn three key recruiting skills that will improve your hiring immediately.


Mentoring Skills

Mentoring is a valuable tool for helping people to develop. Learn how to make mentoring relationships work for you.


Training for Non-Trainers

You may not work as a trainer, but you'll probably have to train someone at some point in your career. Learn the techniques that top trainers use.


Talent Management

Learn about identifying and maximizing the talent within your team, including how to develop a "talent mindset" and how to develop and retain talented people.


Understanding Team Roles (Scenario Training)

The right mix of team roles is vital to the success of any project and/or meeting. Learn how to achieve and maintain that success by understanding and balancing those roles right from the beginning.


Strategy Training

Better Processes

Improving business processes involves much more than finding ways to automate everything. Learn how to map the flow of work to reveal prime areas for improvement.


Essential Strategy

In this short training session, you'll learn about six popular business strategy tools, and you'll practice using them to think about the future.


Problem-Solving Training

Problem Solving: How to Search for Solutions

Learn how to solve problems systematically by first identifying the root causes of your problem, and then evaluating the best solution.


Decision-Making Training

How to Avoid Decision Making Paralysis

Do you spend so long trying to find the "perfect" answer that you never actually get round to taking a decision? Learn some great tools that help you compare the available options.


Impact Analysis

Learn how to find out the potential impacts of an option you're considering in a structured way.


Using Decision Trees

Decision Trees are powerful tools that help you choose between different financial alternatives. Don’t let this scare you! Once you understand how to use them, you'll love them!


Project Evaluation and Financial Forecasting

Financial forecasting is an essential part of evaluating business opportunities and decisions. Learn about the key tools for doing this, with this training session. 


Decision Making Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Scenario Training)

Make a bad decision, though, and you'll be reminded forever. Learn how to avoid common decision-making mistakes.


Group Decision Making

Learn strategies for group decision making, and find out how to avoid the common factors that lead to groups making poor decisions.


Project Management Training

Stakeholder Management

Identifying stakeholders, understanding what they can do for you, and deciding how to manage and communicate with them is a key skill in almost any environment. Learn how to do this effectively.


Managing Stakeholders (Scenario Training)

Different stakeholders with different needs can derail the best laid plans. Learn how to manage stakeholders' interests right from the start with this  scenario-based training session.


Planning Small Projects

If you think you can "wing" any but the very smallest project, think again. Learn to use some simple easy tools that will help you stay on top of the projects you run.


Winning Support for Your Project

Getting the support you need for your project is critical, but this can be hard, especially when you need help from people over whom you have no formal control. Learn how to do this!


Managing Change

Change. The word causes both excitement and panic.Learn how to guide and support the change process, and prepare yourself to be a positive influence for change in your organization.


What is Project Management?

Projects drive businesses forward. Whether they're large or small, they all benefit from effective project management. Learn more about what project managers do, and what it takes to be a good one.


Time Management Training

Personal Goal Setting

Learn how to set manageable goals that will help you achieve your ambitions - at work, and in life.


How to Prioritize

Make sure your most important tasks get the time they deserve, by learning why and how to prioritize your work.


Beat the Time Bandits

Time is only on your side if you are in control of it. Learn how to guard against the negative effects of topsy-turvey to-do lists, incessant interruptions, and meeting mayhem.


Improving Productivity

This DOESN’T mean working more. It means working better by being more focused, less stressed, and achieving a state of “flow.” Intrigued? Find out how to accomplish this by reading on.


Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination not only reduces your productivity in the short term, but it limits your ability to achieve your longer-term goals. So learn these techniques and start beating it today!


Essential Time Management

You can’t create more hours in the day, so you have to use the hours you’re given better. Use this simple approach to make time, and you’ll find time to do the things you want to.


Time Management Audit

Is time on your side? If not, complete this time audit so that you can stop waging a war against time and learn how to get it working for you!


Time Management (Scenario Training)

Effective time management is high on everyone’s list of must-have skills. Learn how to manage your time better with three key techniques – and then practice them in some our case study scenarios.


Stress Management Training

Stress Busters

We can all do without stress. Take some time now to learn some stress-busting techniques that you can use to alleviate your current stress and set yourself up for a lower-stress future.


Building Your Self-Confidence

Confidence is key to so many aspects of success. Work through the four steps outlined here and start building your confidence today.


Communication Skills Training

Written Communication

Written communication is an important skill that many of us haven’t worked on since school. In this Learn how to communicate effectively AND spot the errors you might be making inadvertently.


Giving Feedback

Giving useful feedback is tough to do, but is critically important for building great teams and achieving great performance. In this session, learn the key to successful feedback: preparation.


Giving Better Presentations

To give a better presentation you have to be better prepared. Learn how to hone your preparation skills and concentrate on the aspects of presenting that separate the great from the merely good.


Delivering Great Presentations
(Scenario Training)

Presentations are a powerful way imparting information and selling products and services. So being able to create good ones is a vital means of advancing your career. Learn how, here.


Negotiation Skills

Negotiating is part of everyday life – at work and at home. Learn how to use the principles and tactics of integrative negotiation to reach a win-win solution and leave all parties satisfied.


Assertiveness Skills

Whether you’re passive, aggressive, or somewhere in between, join in this training session and learn the finer points of assertiveness.


Sell Your Idea!

Think selling is only for salesmen? Think again! In business you have to sell your ideas constantly. Join us to learn how to get your ideas and projects implemented.


Meeting Skills

Bad meetings – everybody complains about them! Learn common-sense guidelines for running great meetings, and find out how to be a great participant in other people’s meetings!


Managing Conflict (Scenario Training)

Conflict is all around us. The way you approach it determines how effectively you will resolve it. Learn some useful conflict management techniques.


Creativity Skills Training

Get Creative!

If you think creativity is for the elite few, think again: creativity is a skill that can be learned and developed. Discover three very powerful tools and use them to kick start your creative process.


Learning Skills Training

Read Smarter: Consuming Information More Efficiently

You read everyday but do you do it as efficiently as you could? Do you even think about what you’re reading and why before you dive in? Find out why these concepts are so important.


Learning Strategies

There's no escaping it – to grow and develop in your job you have to learn. Learn how to learn better in this training session.



If you're tired of having to "fess-up" to not remembering associate's names, this training session is for you! Learn quick and easy methods for improving your memory.


Career Skills Training

Personal SWOT Analysis

Learn how to analyze your own Strengths and Weaknesses, and the Opportunities and Threats facing you, and so inform your life and career planning better.


Personal PEST Analysis

Apply the well-known PEST strategy tool to yourself and find out more about the Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors that could be impacting your career development.


Finding Your Unique Strengths

This one hour training session on USP Analysis shows you how to make yourself uniquely valuable to your current organization, and to future employers.


Get Motivated!

Self-motivation is built on the same principles as motivating others:it comes down to understanding what you want and need and then devising a plan to get it. Learn how to maximize your own motivation.


Networking Skills

Does networking intimidate you? By the end of this session you’ll be well on your way to networking success.


Managing Upwards

In formal terms, management is done down the corporate hierarchy. But as secretaries have known for years, you can also “manage” people above you. Find out how!


What Is...?

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management – some consider it a necessary evil. Learn why this attitude is changing, and find out how HR can help you improve performance.


What is Finance Management?

If you've ever wondered what those "finance guys" actually do, this is the training session for you! Join us to find out what finance management entails.


What is IT Management?

Some people love IT, and others loathe it. Rather than trying to ignore the impact it has on your work, join us to learn more about the IT function, so you can understand the work they do.


What is Operations Management?

When people hear the phrase "Operations Management" they often think of assembly lines and capacity planning. But there's an operations element in EVERY business, and it’s important to understand it.


What is Project Management?

Projects drive businesses forward. Whether they're large or small, they all benefit from effective project management. Learn more about what project managers do, and what it takes to be a good one.


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