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"Very good information and very well presented. I love it and it will be extremely helpful in my business. I have no problem recommending your work to others."

Jacob Doll
Noblesville, IN, USA

"I just wanted to say that i look forward to reading updated news! I love reading all the rewarding and helpful tips, resources and this is the BEST site I have ever found regarding business, issues, managing, solving tips and leadership!!! I often resort to Mind Tools which stimulates my mind!! THANKS!! I LOVE THIS SITE and just wanted you to know and keep up the good work!"

Georgia Fox
Mandaree, North Dakota,

"I love your website and resources - they are of great use to me and keep me inspired when things start getting a little flat at work and I need to find a fresh approach to things."

Jacqueline Bates
Manager, New Learning Technologies,
New South Wales,

"I can’t thank Mind Tools enough for all the pertinent information you give me in my field. I look forward to each of my newsletters and membership in the Mind Tools Club is one of the best investments I have ever made!"

Vena Genuchi Alesio, Ph.D.
Lincoln, NE, USA

"I am happy to let you know that my progress for my CPDP through your newsletters was great and I want to share with you that 90% from the content of these letters has been implemented in my daily duties... Many thanks to you and kindly keep mailing me these great news letters."

Bassem Hani,
Doha, Qatar

"Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. I find your ideas and suggestions very interesting, supportive, creative and ultimately quite useful."

Doyle W. Newmyer
Musical Director,
New York City, NY, USA

"This is such an enriching and informative site where we learn something every day. We are able to share our experiences and get solutions to our doubts and problems readily."

Prakash Tendulkar
Manager Engineering Services,
DP World Nhava Sheva,
Navi Mumbai,

"I thought I should thank you for your site and for all the valuable material you provide for free so that people who look for some help can get it even if or when they cannot afford it. I've been trying some of your ideas (Personal Development Plan Workbook and e-mails)... I've found out some interesting aspects about myself regarding lifetime goals. Even though I live in Brazil where economic, business conditions etc are different and trying to follow a plan is sometimes a little difficult, I think I can benefit from your site."

Rosana Gonçalves
Sao Paulo - SP,

"I just want to say thank you for your articles, tools, downloadable materials, etc. They do really help me evaluate myself, as well as giving me a lot of new perspectives in developing other employees in my company."

Alvin Hadiono
HR Associate, PT. Nutrifood Indonesia,

"What an excellent article! I really enjoy reading all your newsletters... I am director of a youth-driven organisation and have 10 members alone to activate, train, coach, mentor, lead rah rah rah and reading your articles gives me new ideas, allows me to relate to problems in my leadership style and develop my members."

Julian Kennedy
Director - Talent Management,
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

"I have got to tell you, this is money well spent. Your website and the eBook is an excellent reference to me. I am an experienced Manager and while coaching people I often research on tools such as these, for their own reference. Now, all I will do is to ask them to download your book and visit your website. Great job. Keep up the good work."

Shamik Pandit

"Hi, thank you very much for sending useful information for me. I am Associate Professor in College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences in Iran , University of Teacher Training, and I work on leadership styles of coaches and motivation."

Fereidoun Tondnevis
Associate Professor, College of Physical Education,
Tehran, Iran

"I would like to say thank you for all the wonderful insight and references that you provide to your readers. I only recently found this website and wish that I found it years ago. I believe that, as I have results to prove it, I am a good leader however the content of the newsletters and this website allow me to tone my skills and really open the door of opportunity in the business world as a leader."

Jason Castleberry
Consumer Research Manager for the Czech Republic,
MEMRB Retail Tracking Services,
Czech Republic

"I like Mind Tools a lot. It is easy to find subjects and the resources are easy to follow. We use the Mind Tools ebook as part of our pre-reading for courses. This enhances the learning experience that our staff get as a result."

Fernando Teixiera,
Organisation Development Manager,
British American Tobacco,

"I love your site and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the knowledge that you have available."

Sherrie Clevenger
Laguna Beach,

"Thanks, for the refund. This is some of the best customer service I've seen out of an online company. You can be sure I'll be looking to shop with you guys in the future."

Joe Klunder,
Brown University Student,
Newport Beach,

"Thanks for your excellent newsletter - I find something helpful in every issue"

Geraldine Sombke
Vancouver, BC,

"I found this website a couple of years ago and have never stopped learning from it. I use what I have learned in my job all the time! Even when I do rapid response orientations under the WARN Act."

Zeke Gracia,
Corporate Developer,
Orange County One-Stop,
Orange County, CA

"Thanks a lot, thanks a lot, thanks a lot! Your newsletters are always a source of fresh ideas. They give one a feeling of confidence and reassurance. Congratulations for the very valuable service that you do. More power!"

Eugene Caccam
Independent Consultant

"First, thank you very much for your newsletter. Indeed, I get more, and more benefit for the updated and interesting information you send me regularly. During the period that I have been reading your fresh infomation, my personal capacity had improved very greatly. "

Ahmed Muh'ed Ibrahin (Maydal)
Ceter leader
Hargeisa, Somaliland

"Thank you for the newsletters you have been sending me. I have just been appointed as a general manager of one of our holdings which is a radio station. At the moment am still working as the events executive as well as my new position. I didnt know what to do at first when I got the letter. But after reading a series of the letters now I know what first step to take. I am counting on your assistance and support for my success. Thank you for being part of my life and success."

Patience Eshun
Coconut Grove Hotels

"Thank you very much for your most interesting Mind Tools Newsletter which I have received without fail for the past three years and which has become a "must receive and read" mail. The topics handled are certainly of vital importance and highly useful in my line of work and I appreciate your work."

Marianne Portelli Secretary,
Computer Solutions Ltd,
M. Demajo Group of Companies,

"It's really great communicating with you.Your newsletters/articles are a great inspiration to me and I really see myself become a logistics manager or director from this post of logistics officer."

Innocent Byamukama
Logistics Officer,
Afsat Communications Uganda Ltd,

"I would like to thank you for the useful information that you provide. Mindtools information has really being useful to me and my friends I share it with. We thank you for your hardwork. Bring some more of that kind!"

Elifadhili D.Daniel,

"The knowledge I am acquiring from you guys is tremendious and is helping me a great deal in my relationship with people both private and public. Thanks for sharing your knowledge."

Mrs. Aminat Salawu,
Chief Town Planning Officer,

"To start with I would like to express my sincere thanks for the very fact that you exist. Over a year you have become my best friend and my coach advising me on how to live and work in my stressful life. Occupying a managerial position and being in charge of almost 40 people I find in your magazine everything I need; above that, I found things which I did not know I really needed. The information you present improved my career and educated me in the fields which I only had a slight idea of. This short message with my words of thanks fail to express in full my gratitude for the experience I gained while reading the articles you present. Wishing your entire team all the best."

Viktorija Tichonova-Zurbiene

"I'd like to mention my complete satisfaction with your website and product. I would also like to mention the timely fix that your Customer Helpdesk provided for me in regards to my order and some downloading issues. I appreciate the excellent customer service that was provided to me."

Tamera Lampro
Medical Technologist
Masters Degree Student (Business and Marketing),
St. Joseph's Hospital,
Chippewa Falls, WI, USA

"Let me just say that this is the best internet resource that I have come across, and your resources will definitely add to my success."

Paul Alexander Baron
Financial Advisor/Life Underwriter,
Clico International Life,
Commonwealth of Dominica,
West Indies

"Thank you so much for these wise pieces of information. I feel geat reading the and they have greatly changed my conceptions on prevailing matters. Your contributions shall always be remembered in one's life. Thank you so much."

Fred Okura
East Africa

"Thanks for your newsletter! Its a lesson well learnt and for sure i promise to give the benefit of doubt to all the people that I relate with and walk a mile in their shoes before i judge them. Keep up the good job, I really appreciate it."

Keziah Mwelu Mwanga,
Urban and Regional Planning Student,
University of Nairobi,

"Thanks for this article, you made my day!"

Ravi Putcha

"Just a very quick note to say a big THANK YOU for your Newsletters. I cannot begin to tell you how much I've used your material for Capacity Building not just for myself and my team, but also for the rest of our organization. We held a 5 day workshop in Management and Leadership in August for all 34 Supervisors where I used a lot of this material. As an NGO we really appreciate that this quality of material is made available free of charge."

Elize Biermann
Malaria Program Manager,
Social Marketing Association,

"I am visiting this site for the first time. The information presented is of great value and is well organized. Good work."

M. Roja Reddy
Consultant Trainer ( IL&FS),

"I have gone through most of your article (newsletter), which is really tremendous I would say. Thank you so very much for providing the different types of newsletters. I am enjoying every bit of it and therefore I would like to say thank you once again for keeping us educating in so many ways, and also inspiring and motivating us with your various upcoming newsletters."

Zafar Shakil
Operation Manager,
Capri Technologies,

"Thank you for this jewel! My new Personal Development Plan Workbook is printed and I am enjoying it immediately. The material developed by you and your extraordinary staff must never be placed on the backburner. This must always be up front and center! I've lost count of how many times your brilliant newsletter has aided me in various situations. Most of all, my self-esteem and self-awareness. "

Rita Fontanez
Sales Department,
Orlando World Center Marriott,
Orlando, Florida, USA

"I would like to thank you for all geart effort you do to make your subscribers happy and I am personally gained a lot from the newsletters and mindtools e books which I have received and really added important value to my life career."

Ibrahim G. Al Faitouri,
Great Man-Made River Project Authority (GMRA)

"Thank you for the last minute reminder to join the Mind Tools Club. I hadn't joined before, thinking that, in my current circumstances I couldn't benefit from such a membership, but I decided to go ahead and give it a try. What a joy it was to immediately find two expert interviews that "spoke to me"! I teach English to Japanese kindergarten students in Japan and occasionally give presentations to my peers at teacher conferences. I have two major presentations coming up, and I gleaned much useful info from "Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins" with Annette Simmons and "Get Slightly Famous" with Steven Van Yoder. Both contained great tips that I will use in the next few weeks. Your site is a motherlode of personal and professional growth resources and I look forward to hunting for more treasure soon."

Kim Horne,
Director of English Curriculum & Training,
Izumi Chuo Kindergarten,
Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture,

"Receiving the Mind Tools newsletter makes my day. Its such an inspiring article and I make sure my friends read the article. Its changed my so many things in my life. Thank you so much for the valuable time your team takes in doing this."

Eunice Ronoh,
Foods R&D Scientist,
Unilever Kenya Ltd,

"Happy Birthday to the Mind Tools Club!!! Thanks for the great birthday gift - the book looks to be another relevant, focused presentation from the MindTools team and I look forward to working through those parts of it that are relevant to my current situation."

Adèle Wilkinson
New Zealand

"I was able to download the Stress Management Masterclass document I had purchased at the same time the mp3 files, already subscribe to the mail list and am a member of the Mind Tools Club. Had a quick look at the program and it is another example of the high quality I have come to expect from Mind Tools products."

John Gancz
IT Project Leader,

"Your news letter has not only been educating to me but i consider it another source of management wisdom. I have recommended to most of my friends and all of them do appreciate."

Ntahobari Moses Turyomurugyendo
Legislative Assistant,
Parliament of Uganda,

"A Leader's Mood article - A very nicely written article,which makes me understand how important it is to control or manage our own emotions first if you want to be a leader. Like not to exhibit bad temper in stressful situations. A good read."

Trupti Indap
Cardiology Associate,

"I find your newsletter an invaluable asset both for my research work and as a compendium for consultancy work in Nigeria."

Dr Seyi Shadare
Assistant Director,
Industrial & General Insurance Co Plc,
Adjunct Lecturer, Dept of Industrial Relations & Personnel Management,
University of Lagos,
Southern Nigeria,

"I don't know how to start, but I have joined this website like a month ago since then I become like eagerlly waiting for the newsletter to be sent to my e mail I do like it realy its a real addition to me aside from the change that is happening to me due to what you send to me, many thanks you are doing such agood job"

Farazdag Abdalla
English Language Trainer,
Camberdige Training Centres,

"I have subscribed to your site today and let me tell you onething, each and every article is awesome. I wish to congradulate you and your team for this wonderfull site. I have been going through the articles for the last six hours without a break."

Kay Krishnan

"I find nothing wrong with your site. I've been receiving your newsletter for some years now. I can accross it on internet at the time I was helping setting up / formalising our strategic planning process at our Bank. I've been teling myself for years I must get more into the site. It's really very comprehensive. Well done. ... I really believe its good. Congrats to your team. It must take a hell of lot coordination to sustain such quality over years. Bravo again."

MCB Factors Ltd

"Mind Tools is a part of my life" Thanks for your personal message along with the newest news letter. I am jumping in with both feet in this situation with my new contract- and I will be resiliant believe me- it's the only way I know. Nice to hear from you as always. Mind tools itself is my mentor in so many ways. I have met so many wonderful people. I am grateful."

Heather Nates (CEO/President),
Professional Development and Training Services,
Hamilton, Ontario,

"I would like to congratulate you on the layout of the latest eBook. I find it easier to relate the tools and easier for me, a more advance student, to understand. I would also like to thank you for a wonderful website that I have found to be enlightening and helpful to me in my career."

Thomas Gibb
Westminster, B.C.

"Thank you I use my Mind Tools eBook all the time - it's a real comfort knowing I have such a detailed and exhaustive book to refer to for help and guidance."

Patricia Wright,
Deputy Manager
Shire Hall, Bodmin,

"I would like to thank you for this opportunity. The mind tools is not only useful. In fact it is much more than that. It changed all my life !!!!"

Paulo Abdala,
Electronic Engineer,
Civil Aviation Authority in Brazil (ANAC)
Rio de Janeiro,

"Been meaning to pop off a note to your Team and yourself to say how appreciative I am of your erudite grasp of business tooling. I do, deeply appreciate your efforts."

Dorian Glass,
Strategic Business Consultant
South Africa

"I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for choosing to do in your lives what you are currently doing and for your input in a cause that has a mission of its own and litteraly creates a better world and enriches our lives as professionals and human beings. It is also very useful to learn that regardless of the standard of a particular country we all face the same or similar problems."

Ms. Bredy Tuđina,
Marketing & Sales Manager,
Instalacija Commerce d.o.o.

"I am presently working on my Master's in Management with the University of Phoenix and have offered your website to my professors as a reference site. Your ideas have helped me with solution for papers and as I continue my education towards a PhD in Management I will continue to use your site."

Olga Velasquez

"Thanks for the very interesting and educational article on decision making. Since subscribing to Mind Tools, I've benefitted much in that I learned slowly but surely, how to take charge of my career more effectively. Yes, you may use it as a testimonial on your site. More people should subscribe to Mind Tools. Its not just for careers progression but more importantly, for our personal growth and development, as the topics and subject coverage are both wide ranging and holistic in approach."

Amy Koh

"For sure I find your articles very intriguing because they touch some of the aspects of life and work environment and sometime I tell my friends about this site and how beneficial it is."

Mbaraka Mbalazi
Marketing Officer,
Dar Es Salaam,
Tanzania-East Africa

"I just want to thank you for the information about mind mapping. I am teaching a human services class called Community Action and we are studying the chapter on "planning." These emails and links are very helpful for me and my students."

Marcy Brown
Olympia, Washington,

"Thank you for regularly sending me your newsletter. I found your articles very practical and useful in everyday work situation of the middle managers like me. Kudos! Keep up the good work and more power! I am looking forward to reading your future issues."

Miles Locsin

"Thank for for every detail of your site. I googled "stress" and your site is the one that looked most credible and appealing, so I clicked on your link. The site was very helpful because it was informative and effective, and spoke in everyday language. I really like the layout of the site wehre there are opportunities for books, classes, etc. and I like the easy to follow links for read further information through the main web pages. I just want to thank you for making a site that discusses stress, in a very NON stressful way, right down to the format design in soothing BLUE shades!"

Mandy Horner,
Administrative Assistant,
Little Rock, AR,

"I really enjoy the new Mind Tools Showcase newsletter. The 'refresher' courses help to solidify the foundation of skills necessary to add new skills, grow professionally, and excel in a career. They work really well in tandem with the existing newsletter. Plus, the more Mind Tools the better!"

Bryan Seely,
Business Analyst,
Bellingham, WA,

"Great article ! It was more enlightening for me. I knew about humility and what it means and what it gets you to, but the suggestions for using it were excelent. I also tried it, with a colleague of mine (I am member of an international youth organization, AIESEC). We seemed to be always in competition for everything, searching for ways to target each other. I decided to take action about this, so I started to take his side more often, to approve his points of view, to ask for his opinion. And it really worked. We are better friends now. I consider this an act of humility as I took the risk of lowering my gloves and reaching for a hug :) By the way, I love your newsletters also. We too speak a lot about leadership in AIESEC. It is a global youth organization which every day tries to create leaders that have a positive impact in the societies they live in. So we are constantly searching for new trends or ways to put in practice our leadership skills both in AIESEC and outside of it. So, can't wait for your next newsletter on personal management (as I recall). "

Trainer in AIESEC in Cluj-Napoca,
Romania, Romana,

"Your site content is very impressive."

Steve Murphy
CEO of a small Consulting Business,

"Just want to let you know how great I think this eletter is - I find it one of the most interesting, useful and practical eletters I subscribe to. Thanks for the great work that goes into its production."

Ahmed Khodair,
Cairo University,

"Wow, now that is service!! I have received them all and I really appreciate your great prompt service! Thanks again and have a great day!"

Joanna Bruce,
Pitt Meadows, BC,

"I first want to thank you and also all the team who worked hard (and that is quite clear) on that work - the mind tools - from the seed of the idea to the final outcome which is presented that flexible, easy, generous and perfect way. I really am here by complete LUCK and I am pleased by that ... and I found your thoughts and tools for brain storming and icebreaking for self-development quite awesome and must be a legacy for next generations I am an architect and can estimate the real value of precious things, thx for all good work and keep it up"

Kareem Afifi,
Elmadaen Real Estate Development,

"Thank you so much for your quick and efficient response to my [cancellation] request. It is customer service like this that will make me take a look at Mindtools again."

Liz Beerman

"I love this site, and the forums. I have been able to get a lot of helpful and insightful inform ation from many of the tools that you provide, and also from the other contributors. I feel like I have finally found a tool that provides answers."

Bill Tucker

"My coming across Mind Tools resource has become a a new experience to my personal development. It has practically changed my way of thinking and impacted favorably on my job and relationships. With it's practical approach to contemporary issues, it's a must read for my friends and I. I cannot appreciate you enough as you never run out of ideas. Please keep it up."

Chimezie Obijiaku

"I didn't intend to request a refund for the Design Your Life program. I ordered it last year and consider it to have been a good investment. Indeed, if it hadn't been for the quality of this program and the MindTools Time Management and Leadership products I would not have been motivated to subscribe in the first place. So please cancel the refund request. What the previous message was intending to say: Thank you for the offer. I have used the Design Your Life program for about a year and find it an excellent tool and well worth the investment."

John Gancz Chelsea,

"Thank you very much for the wondeful Newsletter on Keeping Your New Year Resolutions. It is fantastic and very educating. Since I started receiving your mails you have made some significant changes in my life. I want to thank you and your team for the wonderful effort."

Lansana M Dumbuya
Kanku Bramaia,
Bramaia Chiefdom,

"Just read your article on motivation and greatly enjoyed it and can see how I can apply this to my work instantly"

Robert Stephenson

"Many thanks for your email and your cooperation. It is my great honor to receive your newsletter and know your updates. Once again, I am very grateful and thankful."

Tarek Nabeel

"I found your newsletter on the above subject very helpful in group context. Thank you and your colleagues for all the hard work put in this year."

Alofa Smith
Te Awamutu,

"The "Escape the Yes Trap" must have been written for me. This week I'm on the verge of crazy. Last night I told my family I was taking a 1 hour time-out. They couldn't even last that long. My friend asked me to go to happy hour, I nearly cracked....because I can't say no. On Saturday, I had to say no to an invitation to a martini sleepover because I had to be with my son who has been sick and was recently hospitalized for four days, and I didn't need a hangover the next day for my daughter's college graduation. Now the person who invited me is mad at me. What the heck? It seems every time I have an open night, someone wants to fill it. When I'm trying to work, someone always has to stop by or call to chat. My husband says it's because I'm fun and I'm nice to people, so they want to be around me. That's all fine and good, but I just need some balance."

Jill Burke,
Saint Paul, Minnesota,

"I thought this was an interesting new technic to my department. We do alot of meetings every months on staff issues and related departmental issues that requires the best outcome and i guess Multivoting is an answer to our decision queries."

Georgewin Garae


"I am a faithful visitor of your excellent website and reader of your newsletter that I've been receiving for almost two years now. I should say that happening up on your website was one of the best coincidences of my "web surfing carreer". But what I've noticed lately is that the articles included in your newsletter are getting generic and predictable. I just miss the well chosen and written subjects that used to grasp my attention till the last line."

Youness Rabat Morocco

"I like you to know that I really enjoy your newsletters. I think they are the best I have seen. Please do not stop they are very informational, very use full and for real."

Gabriele (Gaby) Dani
Documentation Control Management,
Medical Concepts Development,
Woodbury, MN,

"A rally great site and subscription list to belong to keep it up, I draw my strength from your articles."

Health And Safety and Quality Officer
South Africa

"I love this newsletter! As a manager I can relate to all topics and use them quite often within myself and my team. It has assisted me in time management, leadership, and with my boss. Because of this newsletter, I now have a spot in our company newsletter called appropriately, "Leader Moments". I always looked forward to those in class and continue to find value in them."

Christina Wall,
Project Manager,
Ammunition Support Team,
Davenport, IA,

"Thanks tons for the article - it was so timely - I have a couple of clients to whom I sent it - I appreciate your effort with the newletter - I always read it."

Sherry Nau,
Licensed Clinical Social Worker,
Rochester, NY,

"I have realy liked sopme the documents that I found on the internet and felt like having a lot more of the readings. I look forward to reading more and more. Thank for putting me on the subscription list."

Dave Blantyre,
Southern Region of Malawi

"I must say that the Mind Tools newsletter is . quite relevant. With all the garbage around us . please keep up the good work."

João Guerra

"Thanks so much. I am so happy to have access to your newsletter. Great tool. "

Fami Sharif-Pour
CPC Compliance Auditor, Documentation, Coding & Auditing,
Kaiser Permanente,
Woodland Hills,

"I am facinated by the Blake Mouton Grid. Will read more and try to use it. Thank you for the information."

Cherub Antwi-Nsiah
Senior Advisor,
Gender & Organisation Development,
SNV/Netherlands Development Organisation,

"This is just to let you know how much I enjoyed the reading of your latest newsletter. I've always been deeply interested in rethorica, but all I had found so far was too intangible and therefore difficult to be turned into a daily way of thinking. Your article has now changed that!"

Maria B. Alonso
Alcala de Henares,

"Many, many thanks for one of the best websites available. Your site offers practical, helpful advise in a clear easy to follow manner, which one is readily able to apply."

Shereen S Wagner
South Africa

"I am so glad that I have subscribed to your newsletter. I am working in a Public Management Training Institute and your articlaes are of immense help. Congratulations for such a wonderful job."

Nighat Chishti
Chief Instructor,
National Institute of Public Administration,

"Hello James, I am a avid reader of your newsletters and articles. I am from the island of Jamaica and do find your articles quite informative, inspring, motivating, creative and just GREAT. The style of writing is one which lures you to read more and more and even more. I would like to be able to write like that one day."

Jermaine Gordon
Angels Estate,
St. Catherine,

"Mind Tools has been one of the best instructional tools which is not only informative, but current and I like the selection of topics. On doing it right the first time, I like to phrase it this way "doing the right thing right, the first time". As a total quality coordinator, I will sure to find this topic very very interesting."

Marcia Chen

"Thanks for your informative newsletters and to be honest they have really added up value to my work.I borrow some of the concepts as am involved in training in the Conservation field. Thanks once again and help us build our knowledge base."

Jacob Machekele

"In this week's newsletter you asked what we enjoy most. I must tell you that soon after subscribing to your newsletter I was promoted to the position of team leader in an almost completely male office. I have printed and benefited from all of your team-leading articles, and anything else that was applicable! Thank you for the newsletter. I look forward to receiving them, and have asked my team members to subscribe. They have "assignments" at team meetings to report on insights they've gained! Keep up the good work."

Dr. Judith Edwards
Missions Mobilization Team Leader,
Baptist Convention of New Mexico,
Albuquerque NM

"I'm a relatively new subscriber from France, working in a small consulting company in Luxembourg. Your site and accompanying newsletter is absolutely great and keeps bringing me a lot of valuable information and knowledge in a very precise and accurate way."

Pierre Loge,
P.L., Senior Consultant in Luxembourg,

"Thanks to Mind Tools Newsletters. I have been using Mind Tools for more than a year now, and let me tell you that I got so many effective guides that have let me be a very different person than last years. I really appreciate your work."

Faraidoon Jawed,
Kabul, Afghanistan

"I just enjoyed your newsletter on getting the right answers. Thank you for a good read."

Loyd Ruth
Twin Falls, Idaho,

"How perfect! Thanks for sharing - this will be part of an upcoming management meeting."

Mary K. McCarrell
Baltimore, Maryland,

"Great issue. Thank you for doing this. It is very valuable information. BTW, a question that I have used very effectively in business is: "has there ever been an exception to that?" It works wonders!"

Jake A. Keller,
Technical Resource Center Manager, Civil,
PB Americas Principal Project Manager,
Norfolk, VA,

"Thanks for your timely response. I can see that you are people with integrity. I am proud to be assoicted with you and will try my best to point other professionals to your website. Please continue the great customer service!"

Glenroy Skelton,
Manager, Electronic Fulfillment,
Reed Data Services,

"Your stuff is always timely and helpful. Sometimes in an extraordinary way, never banal. Keep up the good work."

Thomas M. Graham, Ph. D.
Colorado Springs, Colorado,

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