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February 14, 2023

6 reasons our public sector clients trust Mind Tools learning solutions

Mind Tools for Business


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We work with many large and small public sector organizations – councils, police forces, charities, educators, and health services –from the “Financial Ombudsman Service” to “Skills Development Scotland.”

We are an approved provider of learning solutions on “G Cloud”, the U.K. Government’s Digital Marketplace, and our multimedia resources are accessible immediately on any device.

Every one of our clients is assigned their own Client Partner, dedicated to working alongside you to increase usage of our learning solutions and to maximize their impact.

But why should you trust Mind Tools to deliver the learning solutions your organization needs? We asked Account Director Colin Howell, and Client Partners Gillian Reid and Naz Askander for all the answers…

1. Right for you

GILLIAN REID: Public sector organizations deliver a wide range of different services under one “roof.” We understand that is unique to the public sector and the challenges that brings. This means we’re committed to delivering only those development solutions best suited to your public sector environment.

NAZ ASKANDER: Today, it's more important than ever to invest in the development of your employees. A solid learning and development (L&D) strategy can help your organization achieve its goals and retain top talent.

Mind Tools’ comprehensive toolkit can support your L&D strategy in three key ways:

  • Personal and Professional Skill Development: Our resources help employees develop and improve critical skills such as communication, problem-solving and time management, as well as helping them to look after their wellbeing.
  • Performance Management: The Content Library includes resources for performance management, including feedback and coaching. It also offers learners the ability to track their own learning in order to help them reach their full potential.
  • Leadership Development: Mind Tools offers a wealth of resources for leadership development, including articles, e-learning modules, and assessments – to help your organization find and develop its future leaders.

2. Easy to set up

NA: Plain and simple, we work with you – at your pace – to launch and bring your learners on board.

Your dedicated Client partner will be working alongside a client experience team member with you to ensure your onboarding process runs as smoothly as possible. In six short weeks, we'll help you launch a fully customized learning Content Library that's tailored to your unique needs and goals. This means, for example, you can bring your own specific content into the toolkit to sit alongside our resources.

COLIN HOWELL: And we can set up access to your Small Business Content Library in as little as 24 hours.

3. Flexible and scalable

GR: We work with you to build a Content Library that’s distinctly yours, with your own customized content, features and branding. To see how it can look, see our RSPCA Case Study.

NA: By customizing and branding your Content Library to match your company's needs, it looks familiar to your end users and becomes an extension to your existing L&D strategy.

How do we do it?

  • In Week 2, you'll get a first draft of your toolkit and have the opportunity to provide feedback. Our team will then work with you on creating unique playlists and your "All About" section.
  • Week 3 is all about improvements and updates. Based on your feedback, we'll make the necessary changes to your toolkit and get it ready for preview.
  • In Week 4, it's finally launch time! Your Content Library is live and ready for use. You'll receive login credentials, and our team will guide you through the essential admin tools you need.
  • Our priority is your success, so in Week 5 we'll develop an engagement plan aligned with your company's key incentives to get your learners excited and engaged.
  • Finally, in Week 6, we'll have a final Content Library review and schedule welcome webinars to ensure your learners get the most out of their experience. Get ready for launch!

Mind Tools for Business Content Library time line

NA: At Mind Tools, we understand that engagement and progress go hand in hand. That's why your dedicated client partner will be with you every step of the way providing support such as on-going customizations, webinars and sharing best practice from other clients in the public sector.

CH: Customizing your toolkit can also include adding or removing menus and content. That’s especially useful when a public sector organization wants to share content with select organizations within their community. This adds up to full flexibility on how the Content Library looks, feels and who can access your content.

4. Endlessly engaging

NA: Are you tired of sifting through unreliable information on Google for your learning and development needs?

  • Our team of expert writers, editors, and designers create evidence-based, highly researched, and fact-checked resources that you can trust. You can expect:
  • Resources that support learners throughout their career, whether you are a brand new starter, an aspiring manager or someone who has many years leadership experience.
  • New topical content around global and U.K. based themes.
  • The bitesize nature of our content means you can consume and apply skills learned in under five minutes!

Mind Tools for Business also provides a range of tools and metrics to help your organization make informed decisions around learning by understanding the impact and effectiveness of your learning initiatives.

CH: We're adding new content to our customer Content Libraries every week and place a heavy emphasis on topical subjects to remain “on trend.” That could be content around financial wellbeing, mental health and ED&I, as well as core topics in management, leadership and personal effectiveness.

5. Robust and secure

GR: We have stringent security processes in place, guaranteeing safe and confidential handling of your data, which you can access anytime.

CH: Our Client Experience team have worked with many public sector organizations and are fully conversant with the strict IT and Privacy policies in place. We work closely with IT departments to ensure that data remains safe.

6. Tried and tested

Our solutions are proven to boost the performance of people and the organizations they work in.

So, there you have it, our six reasons for you to trust our learning solutions. Get in touch today to find out how you can test drive our resources.

Share this post:

Gain essential management and leadership skills

Busy schedule? No problem. Learn anytime, anywhere. Subscribe to unlimited access to meticulously researched, evidence-based resources. Join today!
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