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Stop and Step Back From the Problem!

July 28, 2016





Depending on how you view it, life is but a series of challenges to be overcome… How we approach and deal with these challenges determines the pattern and quality of our lives.

Most of us are pretty adept at handling our challenges – the fact that the human race hasn’t petered out is testament to this – and we deal with most of our everyday problems with barely a conscious thought.

However, not all problems are created equal. If you’re faced with a particularly challenging one, it makes sense to stop, step back from it, and think very carefully about it. This gives you the time and space to come up with some approaches that you haven’t tried before.

To learn more about how you can use Creative Problem Solving to identify new solutions to your challenges, read our article on the subject.

2 thoughts on “Stop and Step Back From the Problem!

  1. Soumya patil wrote:

    Helpful tips. I would like to highlight another tip on how to better prevent the problem snowball effect. Its is always advisable to clearly understand the problem’s depth and have a through differentiation between a problem and incident. This might fall under the clarity aspect mentioned above.

    1. Midgie Thompson wrote:

      Good point there Soumya about making a difference between problem and incident. I see this much like root cause of a problem and the symptoms. If you just treat the symptoms, the cause is not yet resolved!

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