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June 23, 2014

Make Your Organization Agile

Katherine Baldwin

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Accelerate-cover_80x125Some years ago, I worked for a multinational that struggled to move fast. While our competitors responded quickly to changing markets and embraced new technologies, our leaders hesitated, unsure of what their next move should be.

By the time they settled on their response, the company had lost a lot of ground. But we were not alone. Some well-known brands have suffered an even worse fate. Take Borders, formerly one of my favorite bookshops...

Big firms with hierarchical structures find it hard to move at the pace required by today’s business environment. That’s why the message in "Accelerate" by John P. Kotter is so apt. Kotter says that they need a dual operating system – an agile network, running alongside the conventional hierarchy – to stay ahead of the pack.

But this new structure will only work if you can find the right people to staff it. This audio clip, from our review of Accelerate, presents some of Kotter’s advice on the matter.

Listen to the full Book Insight in the Mind Tools Club ¦ Install Flash Player.

Accelerate helps organizations to respond to opportunities quickly, without losing sight of day-to-day demands. If you'd like to learn more, find it in our Book Insight section.

Question: What opportunities or threats does your organization face and could a dual operating system help? Join the discussion below!

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4 comments on “Make Your Organization Agile”

    1. Hi Phil,
      Thanks for flagging that up. Can you please let me know which one you are specifically referring to? I have just tried all the links in the article and they work for me so not sure which one you are referring to.

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