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Gamify Your Organization

July 14, 2014

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Gamify-Cover_80x125-strokeGamification uses game thinking to encourage team members to meet their goals or accomplish specific tasks. Many organizations now use it to improve training, engage customers and drive innovation.

When used properly, gamification can deliver strong business results and engage your target audience. Unfortunately, most organizations need help to achieve this.

That’s why we’re delighted that author Brian Burke offers useful advice about this in his book, “Gamify.” In it, he shows us how to design and implement a gamification strategy that really gets results, and that engages the right people to benefit your organization. He also explains the best times to use this tool, and when to avoid it.

The most successful gamification strategies put the needs and goals of the players first, rather than those of the organization. In the audio clip below, we hear how one company, NTT Data, used gamification to transform its internal training.

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If you’re interested in using gamification to enhance your in-house training, engage customers, or increase collaboration in your organization, don’t miss “Gamify,” by Brian Burke. Listen to our Book Insight podcast to find out more about it.

Question: Does your organization use gamification to engage team members or customers? Let us know about your experiences, below.


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