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Keeping It Short

March 24, 2014

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Joe McCormack
Joe McCormack

Do you sometimes feel overloaded with information?

Every day, you probably experience a deluge of written reports, emails, newsletters, tweets, texts, and telephone calls competing for your attention.

Just think how much more time you’d have for the really important things, if everyone got to the point quickly and clearly.

In our Expert Interview with Joe McCormack, we explore techniques for keeping things brief, including using visual aids and stories to illustrate ideas.

Listen to Joe discussing some of the situations when brevity is especially useful:

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In the full interview, Joe explains how journalistic skills like mastering the art of headlines and being an active listener can aid clear communication.

Check out the rest of our Expert Interview (premium members only) with Joe for more of his tips on making a bigger impact by saying less.

Question: When do you think you should keep your message brief? Is it a skill that comes naturally to you, or is it something that you need to work on? Join the discussion below.

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