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September 8, 2014

Become a Positive Leader

Rachel Salaman

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Gretchen-SpreitzerMy first introduction to Positive Organizational Scholarship came back in 2008, when I did an expert interview with Kim Cameron.

He was excited about this new academic discipline, and talked about introducing its principles – including compassion, forgiveness and gratitude – to the workplace.

So, it was really interesting for me to speak with Gretchen M. Spreitzer,
co-editor of a new collection of insights from leading thinkers on Positive Organizations, and hear how the field has developed since. Unsurprisingly, Kim Cameron makes an appearance in the volume, under “How to Be a Positive Leader.”

During the interview, Spreitzer talked about her research into what makes people thrive in the workplace. She also suggested some actions for leaders who want to help their people succeed, by sharing information with them and giving them the power to make decisions.

She made the point that, although this approach is, by definition, positive, it is not about ignoring serious problems or burying your head in the sand. It’s not even about being nice. In this audio clip, taken from our Expert Interview, she expands upon these ideas.

Listen to the full interview
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Listen to the full interview to hear more tips on being a positive leader.

Question: How do you or your managers make a positive impact in the workplace? Join the discussion below!


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One comment on “Become a Positive Leader”

  1. One thing that springs to mind is when managers actually take a genuine interest in people. They make the time to chat with them, show that they actively listen when discussing work and give praise and little unexpected perks as a thank you.

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