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Basic Workplace Toolkit (8) 

  • First Career Steps

    Getting your career off to a flying start!

  • Soft Skills: Laying the Foundation

    Learn how to develop great people skills, and how to improve working relationships.

  • Mindset for Success

    Approach challenges and obstacles positively and confidently.

  • Beating Workplace Politics

    Make office politics work for you, not against you.

  • Professional Conduct

    Build a reputation for professionalism and confident efficiency.

  • Diversity Dynamics

    Increase your understanding of workplace diversity.

  • Handling Conflict

    Understanding and resolving workplace tension.

  • Make Time Your Friend

    Learn the basics of excellent time management.

Core Beginner (7) 

  • Goal Setting for Success

    Mapping your path to success!

  • Communication 101

    Laying the foundation for strong communication skills.

  • I'm a Brand New Manager

    Getting comfortable with the basic skills of management.

  • Time Management for Success

    How to handle conflicting priorities.

  • Using Technology Effectively

    Making technology work for you and your team.

  • How to Get Promoted!

    Start climbing the career ladder.

  • Coping With Change

    Learning to adapt to new circumstances.

Core Intermediate (9) 

  • People: Secrets and Pitfalls

    Developing people skills to be a better manager or leader.

  • Team Building and Motivation

    Laying the foundation for building a strong, cohesive team.

  • Communication: the Next Level

    Expanding and developing your communication skills.

  • Management: the Next Level

    Find out how to get the best from your team members.

  • The Growing Leader

    Discover the attributes and attitudes of great leadership.

  • Team Training and Development

    Giving your people the skills they need to succeed!

  • Understanding Business Processes

    Improving workflow and efficiency to achieve your goals.

  • Health and Well-Being

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle at work

  • Change Management

    Learn how to manage productive and sustainable change at work.

Core Advanced (9) 

  • Project Management

    Planning and managing complex tasks.

  • Culture and Diversity

    How to be culturally intelligent and more aware of diversity.

  • Self-Development Masterclass

    How developing personal leadership will make you a better leader and manager of others.

  • The Competent Communicator

    Learn how to communicate strategically, and how to develop advanced communication skills.

  • Coaching Skills

    Discover how to develop your people's skills and abilities.

  • Management: Level 3

    Developing advanced management skills.

  • The Advanced Leader

    Exploring Adaptive and Transformational Leadership

  • Strategic Planning

    Creating and delivering a vision and mission for your organization.

  • Running a Business

    Putting it all together to make your business a success!

Dealing With Common Problems (6) 

  • Confidence, Presentation and Public Speaking

    Overcoming your fear of public speaking.

  • Nothing Left to Give

    Managing stress and avoiding burnout.

  • I'm Being Treated Poorly

    Managing the "darker side" of workplace behaviors.

  • Writing Skills: Back to Basics

    How to communicate clearly in writing.

  • Managing Conflict

    Learn how to take conflict in your stride, and manage it successfully.

  • Why Am I Not Succeeding?

    Clear the obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your true potential!