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Take Control of Your Career

July 15, 2014


You likely know how important it is for businesses to create and follow a clear, coherent strategy.

But have you ever considered developing a strategy for your career?

Great careers don’t just happen – if you want a career that challenges and excites you, you have to plan for it.

Our article on Developing a Career Strategy shows you how to do this. Once you’ve worked through the eight simple steps it discusses, you’ll know what you need to do to reach your full potential.

Question: What will you do take control of your career? Tell us, by commenting below.

4 thoughts on “Take Control of Your Career

  1. Rebel wrote:

    To me, the biggest factor in controlling my career has been to be ready for opportunity. That means spending your down time in such a way that it will help you become successful in your up time.

  2. Midgie wrote:

    Hi Rebel,
    I agree that how you spend your ‘down’ time influences and has an impact on how you spend your ‘up’ time. The difference between say surfing the internet with no focus versus say spending that same time watching a TED talk yields different results! This makes me more mindful of how and where I spend my time, both up and down!

    1. Rebel wrote:

      Oh yes Midgie – you make a good point. Especially about TED talks!! 🙂
      Being “ready” for opportunity as I call it, to me means constantly honing my skills, learning & reading about my industry, being willing to be corrected, working with a mentor and ALWAYS looking out for new opportunities. Once you start doing that, opportunities seem to find you somehow…and not the other way round. It really boils down to taking charge of your destiny by being aware of what you do, how you spend your time and how you behave all the time.

  3. Bree wrote:

    I like the idea Rebel about ‘being ready for opportunity’ as it means to be being open, receptive and inviting whatever may come your way.

    It is important to have some sort of plan or strategy as to where you want to go. Yet by remaining open to what else might come along your path, you may be unexpectedly delighted.

    I’m heading out today with my eyes wide open!

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