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Get the Most From Remote Working

January 6, 2014


As someone who spends one day a week in the office and the remaining four days working from home, our new Book Insight into “Remote” (premium members only), by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, provided me with a great reminder of the pros and cons of office and home work.

I don’t need convincing of the benefits of cutting out the commute or of managing my schedule, but I do need help finding ways to connect to the parts of corporate life I miss – the camaraderie, the small talk, and the sense of teamwork.

That’s why I really liked the authors’ suggestion of an online chat program where remote workers can hang out and shoot the breeze as they would in a staff canteen.

I also liked the fact that Fried and Heinemeier Hansson stressed the importance of great technology to connect workers in different cities. Working at home or on assignment, I’ve struggled through many rambling conference calls on bad phone lines that have sapped my motivation and felt like a waste of time.

The authors’ suggestions on separating work and home lives also struck a chord. It’s important to get into a professional state of mind when working remotely, either by dressing appropriately, by getting out the house to a local coffee shop, by using a designated work space or work computer, or by working in a shared office.

Check out the Book Insight here (premium members only).

Question: What challenges do you come up against when working remotely and what helps you overcome them? Join the discussion below!

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