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Avoiding Burnout at Work!

July 30, 2015


“Nothing will work unless you do.”

Maya Angelou

When you suffer from burnout, you go through “the motions” at work instead of being truly engaged. Over time, this leads to cynicism, exhaustion, and, sometimes, poor performance.

Learn how to avoid burnout by working with purpose, taking control and managing your stress levels. And remember, if, at any time, stress and burnout are causing you to worry about your health, seek the advice of an appropriate health professional.

4 thoughts on “Avoiding Burnout at Work!

  1. Bree wrote:

    Been there, done that and got the t-shirt!

    It did take me quite a long time to recover and my energy levels were rather weak for quite some time afterwards. I’d think I was alright and strong, only to go out later than normal, have one big stress or one big effort which then put me back on the floor again!

    It was frustrating to say the least, yet much better now. Now I focus on taking care of me as a priority because if I start heading towards that burnout point, I’m no good to anyone or at the very least less effective in what I do.

    1. Midgie Thompson wrote:

      Hi Bree,
      Great to hear you are taking care of you as a priority. Yet, sorry to hear you had to experience burnout to learn that. Much like when you travel on an aircraft and they tell you to put on your oxygen mask before helping others, it is important to take care of yourself before anyone else.

  2. YolandeMT wrote:

    Burnout is not your friend. Well, in a sense it may be if it’s a “red light” from life that you need to slow down. But it can take a really long time to recover from it. Many people don’t ever reach their pre-burnout energy levels again. Prevention is much better than cure!

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