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Supporting Women to Thrive

International Women's Day is a celebration of the social, cultural, political, and economic achievements of women. We're proud to support this year's theme "Break the Bias."

International Women's Day

Women overall only account for 24 percent of C-suite leaders


Of women reported burnout last year

4 in 10

Women considered leaving their job last year

1 in 3

Women considered leaving the workforce altogether last year

What Mind Tools Employees Have to Say...

Policies and processes are important, but everyone can build women's visibility, reputation and confidence by showing practical respect for their views and helping them get heard day to day. That might mean being a bit quieter to provide the space they're due, quoting them to colleagues not present at the time, or simply thinking to invite them to be part of a meeting or project in the first place, breaking up the male monopoly on big ideas and influence.
Charlie Swift

Managing Editor

Women shouldn't feel like they are failing at work because they are looking after their kids, neither should they feel like they're failing at home, because their employer won't offer them flexibility. Since the pandemic, there's been more part time roles and more flexible jobs on the market, but there's still so much that could be done to support working mums back into work - it shouldn't be made difficult for them, which, too often, is the case.
Lucy Bishop

Senior Editor

I am so proud of my female colleagues and what they've achieved in the workplace, especially over the last two years. Something that I've learned over the course of the pandemic is that strong communication is absolutely paramount. It's taught me that not every individual feels the same about certain issues, and being allowed the space to share one's feelings can make such a difference to the way they feel.
Helen Essex

Campaign Marketing Manager

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