Resilience Toolkit

Resilience Toolkit

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Workbook Objectives and Goals

How well you deal with being under pressure is what psychologists call "resilience." And if it is something that you could do better at, then life can feel tough.

Our Resilience Toolkit teaches you key skills to help you to effectively manage everyday pressure and any major setbacks that you encounter, helping you to build your confidence and achieve success.

When you work through the Resilience Toolkit, you will learn how to:

  • Avoid pressure building in the first place.
  • Cope better when things get tough.
  • Recover and learn so that you are ready the next time a challenge arises.
  • Identify where being resilient could make a real difference to your life.
  • Change the way you think about challenges and pressure.
  • Plan for specific situations, as well as the unexpected.
  • Use the power of positive thinking to build your confidence.
  • Adopt new ways of working to succeed, even in the most difficult times.
  • Turn short-term changes into long-term habits.

Course Overview

The Toolkit covers six key areas of resilience:

1 - Preparation is key.
Tools to help you to build a strong, solid foundation that helps you to cope when things donít go to plan.

2 - Developing a positive mindset.
Learn how to think positively so that you can handle situations effectively.

3 - Actively identifying and planning for potential setbacks.
Be less likely to get caught out, and respond quickly to a crisis to minimize its impact.

4 - Coping when hard times hit.
Discover how to be prepared, with techniques for keeping calm and prioritizing.

5 - Recovery in the aftermath of a crisis.
Learn to acknowledge your feelings, celebrate your survival, and continue to look after yourself, so that you can regroup and move forward.

6 - Reviewing and learning from your experience.
Create a plan that will help you to be better prepared and more resilient for the next crisis.

Each section contains theories and approaches developed by psychology and career-development experts. This information is combined with easy-to-use tools and interactive self-assessments that allow you to see how all of the guidance applies to you.

With each section of the toolkit, you will develop the essential skills needed to build your resilience. Youíll learn how to make these new skills a part of your everyday life, so that you can draw on your experience, knowledge and inner strength. This way, you can make sure that pressure doesn't get the better of you and that you can achieve more than ever before!

Price: $19.99

(Available for instant download)