Brainstorming Toolkit

Brainstorming Toolkit

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Brainstorming Toolkit

Generate many radical and useful ideas

Toolkit Format:

An easy to follow 20-page workbook in PDF format.

Download in minutes then print or store on your PC to review/study at your convenience.

Toolkit Objectives and Goals
Content Overview
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Toolkit Objectives and Goals

Brainstorming is a useful and popular tool that you can use to develop highly creative solutions to a problem. Most of us have taken part in brainstorming sessions - but they're not always as productive as they could be. And if you and your team use this format often, you may be finding it harder to come up with fresh ideas.

So we've pulled together all of Mind Tools' brainstorming resources to help you use this excellent technique as effectively as possible - and keep the creative juices flowing session after session.

Course Overview

The Toolkit contains information on:

  • Brainstorming
  • Reverse brainstorming
  • Random Input
  • Brainwriting
  • Starbursting
  • The Charette Procedure
  • Crawford's Slip Writing Method

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The Brainstorming toolkit costs just $9.99 to download.

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