Team Tools: Build and Lead an Excellent Team

Team Tools: Build and Lead an Excellent Team

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Team Tools: Build and Lead an Excellent Team

Select, Direct, Manage and Energize an Exceptional Team

Course Format:

An easy to follow workbook in PDF format, containing 44 highly effective skills and a unique Team Selection Worksheet.

Download in minutes then print or store on your PC to review/study at your convenience.

Study Time:
The approximate study time required to complete the course is 16 hours - spread over a period of 8 weeks.
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Course Objectives and Goals

Most people become managers by performing exceptionally well as individuals. They work hard at their jobs, master the task-related skills they need for success, and then get promoted because they know what needs to be done.

Unfortunately, they're usually not taught how to manage people, and that's where the problems start. As a manager, the most important skills you need are people-focused skills, and these are radically different from the task-focused skills that got you the job in the first place. Managers who rely exclusively on task-focused skills to manage their teams are heading for failure.

Bridge the gap between task and people-focused skills with this course for:

  • New managers - wondering how to motivate the people who are now looking to them for leadership
  • Existing managers - struggling with poor teamwork, conflict, time-pressures or mediocre performance in their team.

Course Overview

The Team Tools course includes:

  • A PDF workbook - print it out and work with it on paper or, if you prefer, work on it on your PC, doing the exercises and filling out the workbook on screen
  • Our unique Team Selection Worksheet - a sophisticated spreadsheet that gives you a clear edge in selecting and building a well-balanced team

Within the workbook, you'll find the following eight modules:

  1. Understanding Teams - The What, How and Why
    Learn to select or rebalance a team so that you have the right people, with the right mix of task-related skills, team-working skills and positive attitude needed to achieve your team's mission.
  2. Pick the Right Team: Blend the Magic Mix
    Structure your team so that it's got sufficient diversity to be creative, and can avoid the waste, inefficiency and failure that comes with poor team design.
  3. Take on the Leadership Challenge: Energize Your Team!
    Develop the confidence-building, motivational and communication skills needed to lead your team effectively.
  4. Provide Direction: Set Clear, Shared Goals, and Point Out the Path
    Set clear, shared goals for your team, and help your people engage with these goals, and work enthusiastically and effectively to meet them.
  5. Focus on Relationships: Create a Positive Team Climate
    Build a positive, healthy, motivating team climate, in which team members trust and respect one-another, and work well together to achieve the team's goals.
  6. Boost Innovation: Develop the Creativity of Your Team
    Understand why creativity is so important for teams; appreciate why so many teams are so bad at solving problems creatively; and learn how to encourage the members of your team, so that they can develop innovative and highly effective solutions to the problems you face.
  7. Resolve Conflicts: Use Them to Your Advantage
    Develop the behaviors your team needs to show to pick up problems before they become serious and manage relations with the people around the team, so that they're enthusiastic supporters of the team's work. Turn destructive conflict into a constructive source of energy for ongoing improvement.
  8. Build an Adaptive and Proactive Team
    Build the effectiveness of your team, so that it can adapt to changing circumstances and so that its combined output is much greater than the sum of the individual efforts put in.

Each module starts by teaching the simple "theory" that you need to know to understand why the tools matter. Next come the tools themselves - this is where you learn the skills you need for team leadership success. Finally in each module, you are challenged to apply the skills you've learned, making these skills an everyday part of your life as a team leader.

Just think how much easier your life at work will be once you know these things! And just think of the positive things you'll be able to achieve with a highly effective, fully-energized team!

Price and Guarantee

Team Tools: Build and Lead an Excellent Team costs just $37 to download. This is a cost of just $0.85 for each of the 44 potentially career-changing skills that it teaches!

In addition, the course comes with Mind Tools' full 365-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee: Order “Team Tools” today and put these lessons to work for you. Take your time to use the course and experience its benefits. Then if you are not satisfied with the results we will refund your money. With no risk and so much to gain we hope you will take advantage of the career benefits this course offers you.

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  • Congratulations On Your New Role... Now What? Workbook. Value: $19.99

    When you start in a new role, it's easy to be intimidated by the challenges in front of you. It's also easy to get swept up in urgent trivia, and find, many months later, that you've failed to do something very important.

    This workbook helps you make a spectacular success of the first 90 days of a new role, an essential part of getting onto that fast track to career success. So, whether you're in the midst of a role change or merely starting to think about one, find out what the key things are to focus on... and what pitfalls you must avoid!

  • Build Your People Skills Workbook. Value: $19.99

    This Mind Tools' workbook helps you polish your people skills so that you can work with others in a positive and highly effective way.

    It starts with workbook-based exercises that help you understand your own style of communication, so that you can identify strengths that you can exploit, and pinpoint - and fill - gaps where you need further development.

    It moves on to teach the skills you need to understand people at a deep level; and communicate clearly and openly, and in a way that others will engage with and respect. It concludes by helping you engage with others on a deep and personal level, so that you can work with them positively, co-operatively, and in a way that is mutually rewarding and enjoyable.

  • The Team Motivation Workbook. Value $15.00

    Motivation is something that fascinates many MindTools readers. For very good reasons, it's an important subject for everyone who is in some way responsible for other people. It's also one that many people find difficult and confusing.

    This PDF brings together some of the most important thinking on motivation. Our coverage brings together theories, tips and techniques that are sure to make a difference in getting the very best from the people around you.

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