How to Lead

How to Lead

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How to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You

Essential Skills You Need To Be a Truly Effective Leader

Course Format:

An easy to follow, workbook in PDF format, containing: 48+ simple, highly effective skills, 5x self-assessment worksheets and 7x email-based e-classes providing weekly "bite-sized" training modules that guide you through the course.

Download in minutes then print or store on your PC to review/study at your convenience.

Study Time:
The approximate study time required to complete the course is 24 hours - spread over a period of 7 weeks.
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Course Objectives and Goals

In this Mind Tools course, we dispel the myth that good leaders are 'born, not trained' - a belief that has resulted in lost opportunities, raises, promotions, respect and ultimately happiness for many leaders struggling with their role.

Without good leadership training, it can take many painful years of trial and error to learn the techniques needed to lead a team effectively. This course fast-tracks you through this process of learning by teaching you essential leadership skills in one easy to follow, highly effective and quick to implement course.

Further, we have created a course better than it's rivals and provide these essential, career enhancing skills at a fraction of their cost.

How to Lead represents a unique course in leadership that is business-focused, truly authoritative, while practical, accessible and incredibly easy-to-use. This was achieved by a specialist author team comprising a world-class leadership professor, a respected entrepreneur, and an experienced business journalist. The result was a powerful, life changing course with 48 simple skills that show you how to be:

  • The natural choice for advancement and promotion and ensuring you quickly gather the financial and emotional rewards that come with success
  • An exceptional leader in your industry with a clear and accurate view of what you need to do to do so
  • Able to identify your strengths and start to capitalize on them. And;
  • The wise, self-confident, inspiring and successful leader you want to be.

Course Overview

The How to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You course includes:

  • A PDF workbook, 1.5Mb in size
  • Five self-assessment worksheets; and
  • Seven email-based e-classes providing weekly "bite-sized" training modules that, guide you through the course, and help you turn new ideas into good habits

Within the workbook, you'll find the following eight modules:

  • The Meaning of Leadership – learn how to tell good leadership from bad, and how good leaders behave
  • Get to Know Yourself – take five insightful self-tests that give you the self-knowledge you need to be a successful leader
  • Get the Right Stuff – learn to counter weaknesses identified in the previous module, build your self-confidence, project a dynamic attitude and capitalize on your leadership strengths
  • Creating Winning Ideas – find out how to build a clear and compelling vision of how the future should be, which other people will be inspired to adopt
  • The Power to Rouse – discover how to inspire people with this vision, and motivate them to give their very best
  • Getting Things Done – learn the rare skills needed to transform vision into reality
  • Develop Your Team – find out how to develop your people so that they become highly-motivated and exceptionally-effective team players
  • Get the Extra Edge – learn about things like risk taking, networking and cross-cultural leadership, helps you move from being a good leader to being a great one.

Within these modules you'll learn how to:

  • Create a reliable, robust and attractive vision of the future that people will respect and believe in (meaning that they'll enthusiastically follow your lead)
  • Communicate your vision, and see the benefits as people work to the best of their abilities to complete the projects you initiate successfully
  • Grow your self-confidence, becoming a calm and self-confident leader, and one who inspires confidence in others
  • Build a reputation for expertise and a track record of achievement that teams members and your peers will come to respect, value and trust
  • Make good decisions under pressure, with the confidence that you've done the homework needed for these decisions to be right
  • Build a strong, flexible and highly effective team, expanding your ability to deliver many times over
  • Develop the sureness of touch shown by the best leaders, and learn to build the empathic, mutually trusting relationships needed for maximum team performance
  • Enjoy mutually rewarding, co-operative working relationships with team members and peers. And enjoy the happy, energizing atmosphere that comes with this
  • Keep people on target and performing well together in a "firm but fair way" that gets the job done while respecting the rights of team members
  • Learn to inspire and motivate team members so that they'll "go to the ends of the Earth" to give their very best
  • Become a truly inspirational leader, and enjoy the perks that come with this.

Price and Guarantee

We've worked extremely hard to make sure that this course delivers exceptional value for money. So at $67 the price represents only slightly more than $1 for each of the 48 life-changing and career-changing skills.

How to Lead also comes with Mind Tools' full 365-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee: Order it today and put these lessons to work for you. Take your time to use the course and experience its benefits. Then if you are not satisfied with the results we will refund your money. With no risk and so much to gain we hope you will take advantage of the career benefits this course offers you.

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  • "The Ten Worst Leadership Mistakes". Value: $15. Discover how to avoid succumbing to the 'dark side' of leadership. By highlighting problems like self-importance, ruthlessness and unethical conduct, this report helps you develop a balanced, well-respected and healthy approach to leadership
  • Mind Tools' "Guide to Leadership Resources". Value: $25. Identify professional leadership associations and leadership journals, and find the world's richest sources of specialist leadership information
  • Mind Tools' "Team Problem Solving". Value: $12. Learn to deal with issues like managing and resolving conflict and providing individual support, and find out how to fix many of the problems that plague modern business teams
  • Mind Tools' "Leadership: Top Tips from a Top Expert". Value: $10. Felix Brodbeck, co-author of "How to Lead", picks out the most important things that you can do to be an effective corporate leader.

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User Testimonials

"What I especially liked about the course is the readability and organization of it. When I first printed it out and saw how thick it was, I thought 'this will take awhile to get through...what did I get myself into?'. But once I dove in, the sections were very easy to manage and I looked forward to the next time I could sit down with it. I did not go through it all at once. Rather, I set aside time each day to review and reflect on each section.

"Another plus were the "Apply this to your life" challenges in each section. These really made me think about the specifics of what I just reviewed and how it relates to my work situation. More times than I'd care to admit, I read a book or attend a seminar and obtain good ideas I want to put into action. However, when I get to the office and the workday begins -- as well as the interruptions -- the ideas get put to the side and are not implemented. This "Apply" section adds more accountability.

"I definitely feel more confident that my leadership skills have improved after reviewing this program, and I have every confidence that my skills in this area will improve as I begin implementing the ideas found in the course."

Terri M. Hall, Indiana, USA

"How to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You' provides, in one volume, a concise presentation of many of the best ideas about leadership. Some of these concepts will reinforce what you know about leadership; some will expand your knowledge.

"By using assessment tools that are included as part of the course, you make visible areas of your leadership strength and areas that can use some exercise. With assessments complete, you can focus on the course content to take actions in your daily work to improve your skills.

"This course is thought provoking. It will require you to view yourself honestly. If you truly want to develop the leader within, take the course. You're worth the effort."

Harold Strawbridge, Philadelphia, USA

Price: $67.00

(Available for instant download)