Stress Management Masterclass

Stress Management Masterclass

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Stress Management Masterclass

Cope With the Causes of Stress In Your Life, Not Just the Symptoms

Course Format:

An easy-to-read, 182-page, quick to download manual in PDF format. Contains 52 essential techniques, practical skills and practice articles.

Download in minutes then print or store on your PC to review/study at your convenience.

Course Objectives and Goals
James Manktelow working with Dr Susan Michie of University College, London
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Course Objectives and Goals

The Stress Management Masterclass course aims to help you tackle many of the problems you face at their root. Where you have some control over the situation, it targets the causes of stress quickly and effectively. Where you have no control, it helps you build robust buffers against stress.

The course targets 52 essential skills, many of which can be implemented straight away so you feel the benefit immediately. Some of the most powerful skills explained are new and unique to this course.

On completing the course you'll be able to cope with pressure better, win back control of your workload, improve your working relationships, and live a happier, more relaxed life.

Specific course objectives include:

  • Overcoming Work Overload - And Bringing Joy Back Into Life
    • Understand what stress is so you can quickly target the important sources for early attention
    • Manage the stress that comes with work overload and how to win back control
    • Regain control over your time and be more effective and productive in your work
  • Taking the Stress Out of Working Relationships
    • Improve your working relationships and learn how to work with powerful people while fairly defending your rights
    • Use the new skills we introduce for resolving stressful conflict with your co-workers / team
  • Surviving the Stress that Can't Be Avoided
    • Learn how to perform well under pressure, relax when under unavoidable stress and eliminate background irritations that contribute to stress levels
  • From Negative Thinking to Self-Confidence
    • Develop a positive and self-confident outlook on life by learning to overcome the negative thinking that accompanies, and sometimes even causes, the experience of stress
  • Finding Real Job Satisfaction
    • Identify the things that give deep meaning to you at work so you can protect the sense of job fulfilment

Course Overview

The Stress Management Masterclass course combines the latest psychological techniques with Mind Tools' practical approach to personal effectiveness - an approach that has advanced the careers of millions of people since 1996.

Skills are organized into easy-to-use modules helping you deal step-by-step with stress in different areas of your career. Modules open by explaining the research on which the skills are based. Next, you learn the practical skills necessary to manage the different sources of stress. The modules then help you apply these skills to your life, so that you can truly change it for the better.

Modules help you to:

  • Understand stress
  • Pin-point the sources of stress in your life
  • Cope with work overload
  • Survive problem jobs
  • Work successfully with powerful people
  • Reduce co-worker and team stress
  • Manage performance stress
  • Reduce stress with rational thinking
  • Build defenses against stress, and;
  • Avoid or recover from burnout

Price and Guarantee

Considering its benefits, the Stress Tools course is exceptional value at just $19.99.

This value is further enhanced by Mind Tools' full satisfaction, money back guarantee: This gives you a year to evaluate the course and prove that the techniques we explain really work. If you're not satisfied with the results then, we will refund your money with no questions asked. That's how confident we are that the Stress Tools will work for you!

All Mind Tools products are covered by our no-quibble, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee.
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User Testimonials

"I am thrilled with the material. It is and will always be a fantastic resource tool for me. I have diplomas in Stress Management and Advanced Stress Management but neither course really covered Workplace Stress in any useful detail. I work in Operations so stress is a genuine concern for me. I am sure I will see the rewards from having worked my way though the Stress Tools material."

Jill Prisgrove, UK

"[Stress Tools] is something I wish I had all those years ago when I first entered the workforce. All the hard lessons I had to quickly learn are all covered in this book but, more so, there are some techniques that I wish I had known, especially in the negative to positive section."

Peter Ivancsits, USA

"I particularly appreciate the clear structure of the course and the modular design which permits one to manage time involvement and to see clearly what is expected and what will be gained."

Adéle Wilkinson, New Zealand

Price: $19.99

(Available for instant download)