Communicate At Your Best

What impact are you making when you communicate? How good are your communication skills?

By improving your communication skills you'll see improvements in the effectiveness of everything you do. This workbook brings your communications skills up to date, so that you can communicate at your very best, every day.

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Presentation Skills Workbook

Presentation skills are so important in the workplace. Successful people deliver their messages clearly, memorably, and confidently, every time.

But exceptional presentation isnít something that youíre either born with or not: itís a skill that you can learn and develop, just like anything else. This workbook helps you develop the presentation skills you need to succeed.

With it, you'll learn how to define the purpose of your presentation; how to structure a presentation, and how to develop content and visual aids. prepare for your presentation. We then review how to prepare notes and cue cards and how to get to know the venue so that youíre well-prepared for presentation day. We also show you what you can do to answer audience questions with confidence; how to deliver a presentation with style by speaking clearly and using your body language to make an impact; and how to use presentation nerves to your advantage.

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Leadership Styles Workbook

Are you using the best leadership style to suit your job and personality? And are you confident that you are getting the best from your team with your current approach to leadership?

This workbook studies three of the most common leadership styles in the workplace. It helps you understand the benefits of each and establish the best style for you. Getting your style right will open the door to increased career opportunities as well as greater job satisfaction.

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