Stress Management Masterclass

Are you experiencing intense stress right now? Do you have a challenging job with a punishing workload, intense demands and/or over-tight deadlines?

The solution is to tackle the deep structural problems that cause the stress in your working life. As well as introducing you to relaxation techniques, the Stress Tools Course has a unique approach which shows you how to win control of your job and career, build positive relationships with powerful people and co-workers, and approach stressful situations with confidence and poise.

These skills will power your career forwards at the same time that they help you thrive under intense pressure.

Price: $19.99

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Stress Busters Workbook

Life and work can be stressful. So what can you do when you feel out of control?

This workbook teaches you effective means of dealing with stress and alleviating the symptoms that it causes. We explain specific tools you can use to combat stress, and get you thinking about your long-term approach to managing the stress in your life.

Price: $9.99

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Building Your Self-Confidence Workbook

Do you believe in your own talents or are you constantly putting yourself down? Do you give up tasks because you don't believe you can achieve them?

Self-confidence is an upward spiral - the more you have, the more you succeed, the more you succeed, the more confident you become.

This workbook will teach you how to celebrate yourself, turn negative thoughts into positive self praise and achieve the confidence and success you deserve.

Bonus offer: Purchase our Team Management Skills course Team Tools: Build and Lead an Excellent Team and receive this workbook FREE!

Price: $9.99

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Make Time for Success

....Do you feel overworked and stressed? Is there never enough time to achieve all that you want to do? Do you find it hard to balance all the demands of work and home life, let alone find time for yourself? Then you need to Make Time for Success!

This life changing course contains 88 pages of time tested tips, skills and techniques that help you work better and get the most that life has to offer. You will learn how to set realistic goals, generate a life plan and leverage all of the opportunities that life has to offer. Many of the lessons include workbook exercises so that you really understand how to put these invaluable skills to work in your life.

Special offer: FREE Stress Tools course with every Make Time for Success! course purchased!

Price: $37.00

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