Build a Positive Team: Banish Negativity and Inspire Success!

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Become the High-Achieving Leader of a Happy and Productive Team.

To be successful, you need to be able to inspire and energize your team members. By doing this, you'll unlock their creativity, enthusiasm and hard work, and you'll achieve results that will make you and your team admired throughout your organization.

Our latest toolkit, Build a Positive Team, takes you through all the theory and practice to make this happen. Simply claim this toolkit when you join the Mind Tools Club before midnight P.S.T. Thursday, September 27, 2018. Your first month is just $1*!

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How Will the Toolkit Help YOU?

This downloadable 77-page toolkit (worth $19.99) gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence to build a positive, energized, self motivated and engaged team that achieves great results.

You'll find it easier to attract the best talent, to get the best from your team members, and to achieve ambitious goals. All of this will help you to reduce your stress, and prove yourself as an exceptional manager.

What's Inside Your "Build a Positive Team" Toolkit...

You'll find the latest expert thinking and a wide range of activities to help build your unique team building action plan. In doing so, you'll learn how to:

Remove Obstacles to Success

  • Remove your own negativity, and become a positive leader.
  • Banish negativity within your team, moving the focus to be on goals.
  • Learn how to deal with negative behaviours that undermine performance.

Lead and Inspire Your People

  • Help people to care about their work, and to take ownership of their results.
  • Watch your team succeed in the positive environment you create, and enjoy the rewards that this brings.
  • Grow your teams confidence and empower them to make sound decisions.

Create a Positive Environment to Achieve Results

  • Create an energized team, and attract the best talent.
  • Make your team respected and envied within your organization.
  • Encourage creativity and initiative, and watch the results propel you and your team forward.

Why Join the Mind Tools Club?

You'll also receive continuous support in building your positive team, from the Mind Tools Club. You'll get access to the full set of resources, including much more about management and leadership topics, to use whenever you need it. And you can receive personalized coaching and advice from Mind Tools experts in the members-only forum.

Our resources are quick and easy to apply and can be accessed wherever you want: at work, on your couch at home, on your commute, or even at the gym.

The Mind Tools Club will help you to improve your:

  • Management and Leadership Skills

    Motivate and develop your team, delegate effectively, and deliver what your boss needs.

  • Career Planning

    Break through your "glass ceiling" and finding the right career path.

  • Communication Skills

    Assert yourself with conviction, say all the right things in meetings, and become a master communicator.

  • Effective Presentations

    Learn how to connect with your audience and leave a lasting, positive impression.

  • Time Management

    Become highly productive without adding more hours to your working day.

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Included in Your Starter Kit...

As a welcome to the Club, in addition to our "How to Build a Positive Team" Toolkit (worth $19.99) and 2,000+ resources to choose from, you’ll also receive these four FREE bonuses (worth $143.98 in total) when you join!

Don't miss out! Try the Mind Tools Club for yourself and see how it can help you get ahead in your career. Be sure to join before midnight PST, Thursday, September 27, 2018 to receive all these bonuses PLUS the "Build a Positive Team" Toolkit for FREE.

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