Working With Rivals

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Learn how to stop butting heads with your rivals, and work together.

Working with a rival can be tricky. You might feel undermined or under threat. But it can also spark healthy debate and generate new ideas. Here's five ways to help you survive your rivalry.

  • Don't be an ostrich! Instead of "burying your head in the sand," stay alert. What are your competitor's motives? What is he or she likely to do next?
  • Stay professional. Work together as you would with a trusted colleague. Assert your ideas, listen to one another, and stay positive.
  • Keep your emotions from boiling over. Don't let your rivalry get the better of you. Keep your cool by using stress-busting techniques, like deep breathing.
  • Stay on your toes. Watch out for your rival's behavior, too. If he's being unprofessional, stay calm and classy.
  • Seek out opportunities for collaboration. How do your objectives compare with your rival's? Is there anything you can learn from her? Or can she help you in some way? You never know, you may have more in common than you think!

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