How to Achieve the Right Work-Life Balance

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Try to find time for yourself in your busy schedule.

We all have roles to play: manager, parent, friend, partner. But when one of these takes over, it's normal to feel as if your life is out of balance.

Absenteeism, low productivity and poor mental health – all are potential symptoms of poor work-life balance. So if you're out of sorts, use these five tips to restore harmony.

  1. Audit your time. Make a note of all your professional and personal commitments. Which ones are most valuable to you? Which are taking up too much of your time?
  2. Improve your efficiency. Limiting distractions will help you to work more productively and to focus on the tasks that really matter.
  3. Add flexibility. Feeling trapped by strict working conditions? Try out the freedom of flexi-time, or working from home.
  4. Find time for yourself. When you neglect your own well-being, you are no longer your best self in any part of your life. Don't forget to set aside some "me time" every day.
  5. Enjoy yourself. Time flies when you're having fun, and the same applies to your work. An engaging workload will be more enjoyable, no matter how busy you are. Find meaning in your work and reap the rewards of job satisfaction!

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