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Find out how to identify your values, in this short video.

Your values are the standards of behavior and ways of doing things that you think are correct in the way you live and work.

When your actions and decisions align with your values, then you show others that you have integrity. You become a good role model. And, you experience peace of mind, because you're confident you're doing the right thing.

When you act in a way that goes against your values, you can feel unhappy and bad about yourself, you can make mistakes, and you may find yourself behaving unethically.

You'll have noticed different people have different values, and these often determine the things they do in life. For example, a life-saving surgeon will have different values from a respected musician, who will have different values from an award-winning designer.

So, do you know what your values are?

To identify them, start by thinking of times when you were happiest. What were you doing? Why were you so happy?

Next, remember times when you were really proud of yourself. Why did you feel proud?

Then think about times when you felt really fulfilled and satisfied with what you were doing. What need or desire did you meet in these situations?

Once you've thought about why these situations are so memorable, make a list of the values that led to these outcomes. These can be values like honesty, openness, success, creativity, or self-reliance. Or they could be any of hundreds of other equally worthwhile values.

You might end up with a long list. That's fine, but you need to focus on the values that best define you. So your next step is to prioritize these values, and identify the four or five you think are most important to you.

This can be a challenging step, so give yourself time to really think about which of these are most meaningful. By doing this, you'll take an important step towards living a happier, more authentic and less stressed life.

Now, read the article that accompanies this video to find out more about identifying – and living by – your values. The article also includes a list of more than 100 values to help you decide which ones are most important to you.

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Comments (26)
  • Over a month ago april123 wrote
    Setting goals and starting to attain them step by step, does wonder for your self-esteem. Also, knowing without a shadow of a doubt what your values are and how they influence your decision making, gives me a sense of security that nothing else can give. It's having boundaries without feeling boxed in because it's all about how I choose to live.

    Way to go Vinjol03!

  • Over a month ago Vinjol03 wrote
    Hi thanks for the link to the articles which were very interesting. Some of the tips of building self esteem I think are spot on.
    Since I started doing more planning at work and setting small goals, my self doubt is reducing. I hope to take an hour at the end of a working day to recap on what needs doing - it is challenging and some times I do feel lost and self doubt rates it ugly head (my hammer is by my bed/desk to bas it down with
    It was interesting reading how low esteem can at times present it self I.e procrastination, self doubt, need for reassurance to affirm ones self worth.
  • Over a month ago Midgie wrote
    Hi Vinjol03,
    In addition to what Dianna said, I just wanted to highlight the importance of looking within yourself for acknowledgement and approval, rather than seeking it from others.

    Many of us do want that outside approval, yet, at the end of the day, we have absolutely no control of whether the other person approves/disapproves, whether they agree/disagree, or whether they are going to speak up and give approval or not.

    The critical thing is focusing on yourself and finding your own 'measures of success'. Rather than waiting for others to say 'good job' or 'well done', just know within yourself that you have done a good job and that you have done well.

    The link Dianna mentioned, as well as the related links to confidence, will give you some ideas to start working with. Remember, it's baby steps, one step at a time towards developing new habits!

    Let us know if you have any questions or how we can help support you as you take those steps.

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