4 Ways to Use Your Dead Time Wisely Video

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Learn how to make use of the "dead" time between tasks.

Your To-Do list is complete, you've had all your meetings, and now you're looking at the clock...

Every now and again, you likely have time to fill between tasks. Here are four ways to use this "dead" time to your advantage.

1. Help Out Your Colleagues

Just because you're facing a slow period, doesn't mean your co-workers are. Helping colleagues with project work, technical support, or simple admin will benefit the whole team.

2. Develop Yourself

Try out a new piece of software, or even start that course you always wanted to do. Spare time is an excellent opportunity to work on your personal and professional development.

3. Do Some Admin

Even in dead time, there's always admin to catch up on! Organize your emails, tidy up your file drive, or get your vacation booked. This is a great time to tackle those little tasks that get in the way when you are busy.

4. Make a Timely Decision

It’s easy for time to slip away... so decide quickly what you're going to do. This will keep your motivation levels high and help you to avoid procrastination.

To discover more ways to use your dead time, see the article that accompanies this video.

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