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Help your team overcome shyness and fear of failure to unleash their creativity!

Creativity isn't just for artists and musicians. Human beings have an innate desire to think and act creatively.

But without regular practice, this vital skill can diminish, leaving behind disengaged and unproductive teams.

You can foster creativity and innovation in your team with these four simple strategies:

1. Avoid Micromanagement

It may be tempting to keep checking in on your team members, but they will likely struggle to think creatively with you always at their shoulder. Make sure to give them space to spread their creative wings!

2. Build Trust

Creative thinking relies on a trustworthy and supportive team. Create an environment in which everyone feels safe to speak up. And tackle fear of failure by encouraging your team to learn from their mistakes.

3. Use Effective Brainstorming Techniques

Groupthink and shyness are the enemies of creative thought. Use a variety of brainstorming activities to ensure that everyone's voice is heard.

4. Lead by Example

Never forget that your team looks to you first for creative guidance. Encourage "out-of-the-box" thinking by contributing your own ideas and taking risks.

Creativity can make or break a team. By developing a foundation of trust and curiosity, you can create an innovative and ground-breaking team to drive your organization forward.

For more tips on how to encourage team creativity, read the article that accompanies this video.

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