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Learn how to use SQ3R to understand and retain written information.

Think about how much you read during an average day. 

Chances are, you spend a fair amount of time on material like emails, reports, blogs, and books.

When you read a document, it's important you get the most from it, and that you're able to remember the right information in the long-term.  This is where SQ3R is useful.

SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recall, and Review. It's a technique you can use to read quickly and efficiently. It also helps you retain information more effectively.

To use this technique, start with S, which stands for Survey.

Here, scan your document, and look at things like the contents pages and headings. This is so you can understand whether or not the document will be useful, and whether you should read it in-depth, or just skim it for key points.

Your next step is to Question. Think about any queries you have on the subject, or any key points you really want to learn about. Think of these questions as study goals. Once you've identified these, you'll know what you need to look out for as you read.

It's now time to start Reading, which is the third step. As you read, take notes if you need to.

The fourth step in SQ3R is to Recall the information. Think about the essential information you learned about, and how you'll put this to use.

The last step in the technique is to Review.

Go over the information again several times in the weeks and months that follow. Reviewing the information will help you retain it more effectively. 

Now, read the article that accompanies this video to find out more on the SQ3R technique.

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