How to Defeat Self-Sabotage

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Learn how to realign your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Are you getting in the way of your own success? Perhaps you keep missing important deadlines. Or maybe you make excuses to avoid asking for a promotion

These habits may be unconscious, but they can seriously damage your confidence and reputation. Follow these five steps to disarm your inner saboteur!  

Recognize self-sabotaging behaviors. Which behaviors are stopping you from achieving your goals? It may be painful to admit your bad habits but it can reveal important underlying issues. 

Understand your emotions. Self-sabotage can be a reaction to feeling anxious, angry or worthless. Understand and manage your emotions to avoid damaging reactions. 

Confront negative thoughts. Anxiety or low self-esteem are often caused by unhelpful and irrational thoughts. Write down your negative self-talk and consider how factual it really is. 

Make a change. Use your newfound self-awareness to realign your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Affirmations and cognitive restructuring can help you to break the cycle of negativity. 

Develop self-supporting behaviors. A confident mindset is key to beating self-sabotage for good. Adopt encouraging language to rebuild your self-esteem. 

With these steps you can get to the root of your self-sabotage and develop positive behaviors to help you reach your goals and dreams! 

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